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Release to Abundance

Release is a natural part of life but for most of us, it's the one thing we dread most. Holding on to people, places, spaces, and situations

My Top 3 Tricks For Tarot Beginners

When students consider learning Tarot as a divination system they are sometimes overwhelmed by its 78 cards, especially if...

The Spirits of Samhain

A legend about the Spirits of Samhain and a mystic card spread, that reveals the Spirit’s message!

When The Dead Speak

Earlier I wrote about how magic lives in the dirt, dirt is composed of dead things, and included at the end a few spreads on how to see who, as in your dead people, are around you and what messages they have. When I speak of dead people, I am speaking about my beloved dead. Brant Williams gave an excellent explanation of how the dead can be categorized and I encourage you to check out his post, even if traditional witchcraft isn't your thing, this explanation is very thorough without being wordy. Work done with other mentors has given me a foundation where 12 of my ancestors have stepped forward to offer advice each day; not every one every day but someone each day. My grandfathers did ext

What is Witchcraft?

As this is the season of the witch I have found myself in many forums discussing with fellow witches what exactly makes one a witch...

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