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Whether Lenormand, Kipper Card, Gypsy Card, Petit Etteilla, Bones or Tarot de Marseille - We are proud of our Endorsed Readers who have completed rigorous training with all readers being tested to the highest standards to ensure the WDA's Code of Ethics is met and Classic Methods for their chosen system has been studied. 

If you would like a read with an Endorsed Reader sign up below or become a Member of the WDA for repeat reads!

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Readings by Lynda

With a love for Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle cards Lynda will use her talents and intuitive blessing to interpret what messages the cards have for you. 


That Damn Broad

"That Damn Broad" is a Texan living in Ireland. WLA and WKA trained in Lenormand and Kipper (soon to add Gypsy to her arsenal), and otherwise trained in other methods of cartomancy, she reads the damn cards and tells it like it is.

Contact information on her website, or by email … for emailed readings only, with photo of spread included. Quick turnaround.



Helen Fahey

Helen is an enthusiastic amateur with 30+ years’ experience of dabbling in the esoteric.  She bought her first tarot deck when she was 13 and she still has her beloved Mythic Tarot. Helen was introduced to Lenormand around 12 months ago and initially found it a bit alien as she was used to the imagery of tarot. Not anymore. Helen is a total convert to Lenormand and believes this is the tool that will tip her over the amateur edge and into the realm of proficient and quite possibly, eventually professional.

Rae Douglas

To guide, inspire and empower through the wisdom of Tarot, Lenormand, Crystals and Spirit Guides, with honesty and integrity at all times to provide accurate readings to clients to the best of my ability.

Maria Molinari

Irene Stevenson

Annette Lanniee

With a love of Tarot and Lenormand, Annette helps others find answers to the questions of the everyday.  



Nancy LaPonzina

Joanne Toole

Steven Crane

Ann-Charlotte Lindholm

I am the founder and owner of the company A Lotus Heart in Sweden. We are providing readings with Lenormand, Tarot, Angel Oracle Cards and Runes. We also provide healing sessions, healing courses and much more.

Colisa Spykes

Margaret Johnson

As a certified life coach, Margaret is passionate about enabling her clients to access the wisdom of their higher selves in order to achieve their goals. Margaret offers divination services across various cartomancy systems.

Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: HortusVitaeLLC

Astrid Kallerud

Bronze Level Reader and working towards Silver as we speak!




Tina Davis Lollar

Vikki Glover

Monica Ann Florez

Elisabeth Johansson

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