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Hitting Gold

At the World Divination Association we are so proud of the hard work and determination shown by our Endorsed Readers. This week we are spotlighting Jasna Clara, who has amazingly attained GOLD Endorsement in three different divination systems. Read on to learn how Jasna became the professional reader she is today and support her by reading, commenting and sharing her success!

About Jasna

My name is Jasna Stipanovic Durdevic, known as Jasna Clara. I live in Zagreb, Croatia.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychocybernetics of Essens practitioner, a solitary witch, a Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy reader, Crystal practitioner, love EFT, doing yoga, Tai Chi, love to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Recently I started to learn vedic astrology, Jyotish, which I find very interesting and bonafide – a powerful tool to gain a greater knowledge of myself – who am I, why I am here and where I am going.

I have been reading for my friends for some time and also giving healing sessions to my family, my friends and to whoever needs a healing.

I also have a Facebook page - Healing and divination by Jasna Clara. You can also find me on Instagram as jasnaclara108 (Healing – divination by Jasna Clara).

I have to brag (I can not help myself lol) - I am both certified Gold Endorsed Kipper card reader, Gold Endorsed Gypsy card reader and recently a Gold Endorsed Lenormand card reader. And I won't stop there, that's for sure. As there are so many techniques and systems yet to be learned.

My life mottos are:

  • Never give up!

  • Love yourself, as you are your own best friend!

  • Take everything that life has to offer!

Tell us a little about your Lenormand journey

Well, I have always been drawn to divination. My first passion was Runes. I fell in love with them when I was very young. I devoted several years to learning Runes, but life took me in a different direction, so for some time I was forced to put divination aside.

But Runes opened a new world to me, their magic opened for me a portal to divination and fortunately, 10 years ago, I received my first Lenormand deck as a gift from my husband, a deck designed by a Croatian card reader. When I saw the deck, I was like WOW, what a beautiful cards! I fell for them instantly! I used to look at them every day. I also received a small booklet with the cards meanings, but these meanings were not extensive and detailed, so I started researching more about the cards and the technique itself. I only regret that this deck was never printed again because the cards are really beautiful.

Anyway, at that point my Lenormand journey had begun. Then in 2014 I then bought my first Lenormand book "The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook" by Caitlin Matthews. And I was hooked! I started researching everything about Lenormand, watching YouTube videos, reading articles from many teachers and readers. Learning from everyone.

In 2015 I noticed a Facebook group World Lenormand Group, I joined and the rest is history. I met Toni, bought all Toni's Lenormand courses that were available at the time and that was the moment when I really started to dive deeply into the world of Lenormand.

I like Toni's approach to this system the most, as Toni is a fantastic reader, she has a gift, knows how to convey knowledge to the students, she is always logical, concise and practical in her teachings and her readings.

My journey led me to a perfect association of like-minded people, where I feel safe and appreciated. In World Divination Association groups I have met so many talented readers and I made great friendships. I also attended to many live readings, events and conferences.

I am Executive and Chief PA, also a WDA New Member Advisor.

I am so grateful for every person I met on my journey. I am grateful for all WDA teachers and members, for my divination ladies who became dear friends. But most of all I am grateful for my teacher and mentor Toni Savory – you are an inspiration and you activated in me hunger for knowledge and desire for learning!

Thank you for that! WDA is a place I feel at home.

What are your favourite decks?

My favorite decks are:

Polly's Sunset Lenormand deck (by Toni Savory)

2020 Lenormand deck (by Miguel Santos Metavasi)

Shimmer Mini Size Lenormand oracle (by Christina Petta)

What are your favourite techniques?

My favourite techniques, besides Lenormand, are Gypsy, Gypsy Witch, Witches Runes, Grand Le Jeu Lenormand and Runes and the one I reckon will be one of my favorite too is Ogham.

When I am reading with the Lenormand system I prefer Grand Tableau and Method of Distance.

What advice would you give Lenormand learners?

First, join to World Lenormand Association Facebook group and learn from Toni and her courses.

Practice, practice, practice - no pain, no gain, right?

Do not rush, take your time to know your cards, connect with them, always ask if you are in doubt, consult with your teacher, other readers and learners.

Try to develop your intution, look at each card and notice how you feel when you look at it, what energy does a card hold, what do you see in the card, what comes to your mind.

Combine your intuition with your life experiences.


FB page – Healing and divination by Jasna Clara

Instagram account (Healing- divination by Jasna Clara)


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