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Loteria cards are FIRST AND FOREMOST made for and used as a GAME. Not a divination system. Over time and on cards produced by the major suppliers (especially Don Clemente) the images have stayed more or less the same and in roughly the same order.

Order of the images means nothing. It's not like the Fool's Journey in Tarot. It's a bingo game that we're taking and re-purposing as a divination tool. The printers don't care about non-game use.

As Loteria became an established part of Mexican culture and more popular other producers made various versions of Loteria cards with certain themes. Look at the collections in the link below (and posted elsewhere in the group) and you'll see some for children with Looney Toon or Disney characters. Serious artists also take the Loteria game and make their own cards with their own numbering to reflect their own artistic vision and take on Mexican culture. Look at Teresa Villegas' Loteria as a well know, very well done, example of an artist's Loteria.

The decks we are using in our facebook group are the STANDARD Loteria deck often called a Don Clemente loteria. It will have the standard images and a standard order (although the order doesn't matter in the least!) These decks are the most widely known, most widely available. Even my fancy La Nueva Loteria uses the same images, same numbering. If you order a loteria game it's most likely the one we're using unless it mentions a specific special theme. If you're unsure show me the link to the deck and I'll let you know.

All the information provided on this page is by Garth Tardy, WDA Teacher and Mentor. 

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Loteria Card Meanings

By Garth Tardy

©2019 Garth Tardy

1 Rooster Loteria.jpeg

1.El Gallo (The Rooster)

"El que le cantó a San Pedro no le volverá a cantar"

The one who sang for San Pedro won't return to sing again.


The card's meaning is wrapped up in the image brought to mind in the saying. As all Christians know Saint Peter was told that before the rooster crowed he would deny Christ three times, he would betray Him.

That's what El Gallo is doing here for us. He's warning us of betrayal so we need to look out for it; or someone that has betrayed us (like San Pedro) won't do it again and can