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The Spirits of Samhain

A legend about the Spirits of Samhain and a mystic card spread, that reveals the Spirit’s message!

Somewhere back in time people followed the tradition of All Hallows Eve or Samhain – depending on where you come from and on what you believe. But as time went by, the old knowledge of Samhain became increasingly forgotten and erased from people’s traditions.

On the night of Samhain, people were warned against leaving their homes or celebrating due to the belief that the dead would return in spirit and that witches and demons would walk the earth on the last night of October.  Some very religious people even believed that the Devil in the flesh would show up in disguise.

Evil spirits and restless souls were especially feared that night, and the belief that the deceased could execute their revenge on those with whom they had had an open dispute in life was a real concern for people at the time. The belief was held very strictly during the Middle Ages, and as a way to keep evil spirits and demons away from their homes that night, they started carving creepy faces in masks and turnips, and lighting lamps and lanterns to protect themselves from the dark.

The idea behind it was the the creepy faces would scare evil spirits away from their homes, while the turnip would catch those spirits who refused to run away, keeping them captive. However, when the tradition reached the New World, turnips were not as readily available and people started to carved their faces in hollow pumpkins so that the evil souls that haunted the living would be trapped inside, leaving them in peace. This custom was mainly spread by Irish immigrants with Celtic ancestors and is still very popular. These days on Halloween, kids turn into costumes of little monsters and knock on people's doors trick or treating. The tradition says that they should receive candy as a “treat” to avoid the “trick”, usually a prank. This is connected to the belief that the souls of the deceased or other malignant entities can visit houses and play tricks on the living, which is the reason why people want to offer treats as a way to keep things peaceful!

Some cultures also celebrate balls and festivals, such as the celebrations that took place in times of the Celts. Everyone shows up dressed up as mystical beings from the world of legends and fables; but it cannot always be told if they come from the world of the living or from another world. Such is the magic of the night when the veil between worlds is open!

So Halloween, the night of Samhain is also a perfect time to do fortune telling or to contact the afterlife, because in that night there are no frontiers between the worlds and the spirits want to tell you something – always! The Spirit of Samhain is talking to you in that Card Spread: Just oull your first 4 cards – do not pull ou the middle. Go with the first cards… this is a strict rule given by Samhain spirits (if not followed they won’t talk) then go with the interpretation of your cards:

1. Your way: this is what is coming to you within next 12 months.

2. Your forbidden way: this is what spirits don’t recommend you to do. You should leave this path.

3. Your right way: this is the way Samhain Spirit has chosen for you and this way is positive. (it is opposite to card No. 2)

4. Your Destiny Card: this is where your right path is leading you.

Enjoy your Spread & happy spooky Halloween!


This article has been authored by Andreas Nostra Dahm, WDA Lenormand teacher and reader! Check out his course on Italian Cartomancy here!

Brought to you by Maria Alviz Hernando, WDA Tarot Teacher, and Blog Coordinator.

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Annette Lanniee
Annette Lanniee
Oct 20, 2020

I cannot wait to test this out!

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