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Lenormand - are they cheating???

Breaking down the third party cards in Lenormand ... when can we see third party situations? .. Who is being a dick? ... And what behaviour is being displayed? That's a lot of questions in one go, but absolutely answerable in a Lenormand Grand Tableau!

I have found over the years that many students seek a "they are cheating" interpretation when the Snake card presents ... it's nastiness and downright bitey snappy nippy sweetie attitude is not to be denied, but cheating? When and how do we see dodgy behaviour in a partner or friend without jumping to the conclusion in every single read when Snake is near?

The answer is quite simple - employ the Lenormand third party cards!!

Let's have a look at the third party cards and what attitude they bring with:

7. Snake - the betrayal sits deep, a snakey attitude and behaviour to suit!

13. Child - good associations, good behaviour - a real nice person.

14. Fox - sly and deceptive, can act like your best friend until they achieve their goal.

15. Bear - jealousy and envious behaviour, someone who will big you up but want your downfall.

18. Dog - a loyal and true friend, amicable and amiable to all.

20. Garden - good people, open and sharing.

21. Mountain - an enemy, will try to stand in your way!

and the trump card for behaviour ... 30 Lily.

The Lily card is the one we need to look out for, because no matter where the nasties sit, if Lily is above the person we are looking at, they are good people! Lily above shows virtue and an altruistic nature, doing the best for all and of good intentions. However, if Lily lands below a person it is signifying the worst, someone who is looking out for self, vain, deceptive and having no thoughts of how their behaviour affects others!

So how many cards do we need to confirm someone is cheating? The answer is .... A LOT!

We need:

  1. The querent's card to be negative aspected to the partner card, showing a relationship that is not at its best.

  2. Lily beneath the card we are looking at, showing ego and self serving at play.

  3. Snake to be touching (preferably in a behaviour or focus placement - below or in front).

  4. Fox to be touching showing deception.

  5. Mountain and Bear to be in the mix.

Also preferable ... 26 Book to be attending showing this information coming to light, grief and pain with Cross near the affected person (i.e. the one who is being cheated upon) and the "good people cards" of Child, Dog, Garden to have difficult cards nearby. I would also expect Scythe to be affecting the Ring or Heart card too with Coffin not too far away! Naturally we would also expect Whip to be in the mix to show discord within the relationship ....

So, its not just as simple as Snake attending ... as a professional reader we need substantiation for our interpretations ... I would also be checking house placements to confirm, what is in the house of Snake? What is sitting in the people placements (house 28 and 29) etc etc ... a constant fact checking is required before we throw a relationship under a bus!

Be responsible, be thorough and don't jump to a conclusion of cheating without substantial evidence therefore!

Let's have a look at the following spread with the antique DDR Lenormand:

Cheating scenario ..

DDR Lenormand GT
DDR Lenormand GT

Firstly we have discord within the relationship with the two people cards facing away from one another, this is compounded by Scythe / Book / Whip that they are sharing - Book sitting in the house of Mountain confirming that information is coming to light regarding an "enemy", Scythe sitting in the house of 13 showing that there is "danger" surrounding those people our querent (Man) thinks are good company... the querent has pain (Cross) above his head and is highly stressed with Birds below. We will scoop back up to our querent soon, but let's check out the partner, sitting in the house of Garden and social settings she has Fox above her in thoughts - she knows or is thinking of doing the wrong thing (the Querent incidentally is sat in the house of Fox showing that the wrong doing she is thinking of doing is related to him) ... she has Lily beneath showing that she is out for self and Snake ahead of her in House of Tower showing that she is betraying her partner (and probably has been for a long time!) - she also has Moon below which shows she is out for her own good and betterment and no-one else's and with Mountain ahead of her in the house of Dog she is walking straight into a future with the enemy (especially with Dog above in Bouquet)... following so far? Our querent has Lily in his house showing he is such a nice guy, but she has Whip in her house (and that is in her problem zone behind her) showing that she is just causing discord in the relationship. On top of this we have the querent looking straight into clouds / tower combo ... the foundations of the long term relationship are rocked and nasty changes are afoot with Stork in Snake... then Coffin in Coffin and it is "smell you later" as far as he is concerned, choosing to focus on ending the relationship and keeping what "good people" he still has in his life (Child and Garden in Sun and Moon houses) ... do I need to say more? Well we have Bear in the house of Whip (remember Whip is in her house too) showing that the issues are relating to third parties and in the house of Anchor (which is what we look to for the end goal of the relationship) we have Mice showing that the relationship is heading down hill together with Anchor in the house of Cross ... the pain of it all! In addition, we have heart negatively aspected and far from the querent in the house of Stork... which she is walking straight into with a new start with her new love interest (Dog in Bouquet / Heart in Stork / Clover in Ring) ... keep on looking and you will find more evidence!!

If you want to be an ethical reader, make sure you know your system inside and out ... at World Divination we have created courses at reasonable (let's face it cheap!) prices so that every reader can be sure that they know EVERYTHING they need to know in order to give reads they can stand behind. Don't sit and worry once you have given a read that it is "good enough" or the feedback down the line will prove you right ... KNOW before every read that you have substantiated and confirmed the situation and you will never worry again!

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