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Evidence based reading - Lenormand / Kipper / Gypsy Cards

Does he/she love me?

Will I get a promotion at work?

Some of the most requested readings from clients have the simplest of questions, but many readers struggle with how to accurately interpret the information needed. They sound simple, right? But what evidence do we need to be 100% sure? When we are reading for clients we have to be aware that we are dealing with someone’s life. The question of “Does he love me?”, as an example, can break a querent and raise psychological issues that have an impact on their relationship.

This moment in time

We have to realise that when we lay the cards we are laying for a snapshot in time, right here, right now, the answer stands. But what happens when that person is having a bad day? What effect does it have on the cards if they have just had an argument and the partner’s feelings are emotionally unbalanced? What happens if they have a mental illness?

Don’t damn a relationship

It would be easy to see negative cards surrounding and say “no he/she doesn’t love you” or “no you will not get a promotion”, but are the cards a true reflection of the end outcome if any instability lies between? The number of times I have clients coming to me because a reader has damned their life, I cannot even count! Panicking and having their own personal 9 of Swords moment because of the words of a reader (when no evidence can be found in the cards to corroborate the original interpretation too!).

Lenormand / Kipper / Gypsy Cards

This is where the 36 cards systems really shine and how applying analysis / probability into the mix with a healthy dose of “this is only a snapshot of right here right now!” We can apply our knowledge of a system and receive a very accurate snapshot of the situation followed by a “how this will progress from this moment in time”. We have a number of spreads at our disposal and a wealth of techniques to add in to make sure we do not cause mental anguish where none is needed! Asking simple questions such as “What is the current thought process of the person regarding …” and “How will they view the situation in XXX number of weeks” and “Show me how this will progress over time” etc are a perfect way to process the information provided. We can also analyse the overall situation using placement and influences within our deck, moving from a box spread through to the path of 7 with many spreads in between.

In short … don’t give out information that can cause the slightest 9 of Swords moment, substantiate and corroborate every single situation with a wealth of evidence based reading.

Want to learn the techniques and process to really KNOW the answer? Join me on my hours talk at Divination PRIDE on Saturday 26 June and walk away with the spreads / techniques and know-how to make sure you are reading with precision.


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