Lenormand is a 36 Card System originating in Germany in the 18th Century.

Lenormand roots are linked back to Das Spiel Der Hoffnung which was a popular Parlour Game in the late 1700s and early 1800s, the game consisted of 36 Cards each with a simple Symbol and a Playing Card assigned to each card. The aim of the game was to be the first to get to the Anchor Card in spot 35. Along the way the Players found their way through auspicious and inauspicious cards which either catapulted them forward, hindered their progress or in the worst case returned them to the beginning of the game.

The Game itself has a feeling of a "fated" journey and the instructions themselves spoke of the use of the cards for reading purposes:

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"With these cards you can also play an entertaining Fortune Telling Game, if you shuffle the 36 cards and then allow the person for whom you would like to tell the fortune of, deal the cards, that is in 4 rows of 8 cards and the last row with the 4 remaining cards.


If the Querent is Female begin with Card 29 and look to the cards nearby and surrounding, humorously forming a story using the Figures on the cards which give you enough information to play with.


If the player is Male you begin the account from Card 28 and again use the help of the cards laying nearby which, when played in enjoyable company will bring lively entertainment"

Le Petit Lenormand ("the small Lenormand") arose from this game and contains the same symbols and numbering of the cards.

The Lenormand Deck we use today, albeit named after one of the most renowned Fortune Teller's of all time, is simply a namesake used for marketing purposes, the cards were neither created nor used by Mlle. Lenormand herself. After Mlle. Lenormand's death many card decks were assigned her name as Fortune Telling Deck publishers cashed in on her fame. 

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The meanings below are a mix of the early instructions and original translations (OT) and meanings that have progressed from them.

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1 - Rider / Cavalier (9 Hearts)

OT The Knight is a Good Luck bringer, when not surrounded by negative cards, particularly good news from their hometown or from afar, but it will be a little while before fulfillment.

Notes: The closer to the Person Card the more important the news will be, also seen as nearby the news is from your local surroundings, further away the news comes from afar. The type of news will be explained by the cards nearby.


Keywords: News, Update, News, Messenger

The Instructions for Lenormand taken from the deck which evolved from Das Spiel Der Hoffnug (The Game of Hope) has the name of the card as Ritter, translated into English this is a Knight.

2 - Clover (6 Diamonds)

OT Clover is also a Good Luck Bringer, only when surrounded by Clouds does it signify great pain, if however, the Clover and Clouds card are close to the Person card the pain will be short-lived.


Notes: Near clouds difficulties can worsen.


Keywords: Happiness, Good Fortune, Luck, Positive Outcomes, Small Amounts of Money

3 - Ship (10 Spades):

OT Ship, the symbol of commerce, signifies great wealth, acquired by trade or inheritance, if near to the Querent it signifies a journey.


Notes: Travel, Journey, Overseas, Movement, Trade, Commerce, Vehicle, Inheritance, Improvement

4 - House (K Hearts):

OT House shows success in all undertakings, even when the current situation is inauspicious the Querent can expect an improvement. If the card is located under the Person Card and in the middle of the spread the Querent should beware of their surroundings.


Notes: Home, Family, Domestic Affairs, Grounded, Stable, Secure, Comfort


5 - Tree (7 Hearts)

OT Falling far from the Person Card this is an omen of good health, you can see the brightest future when many trees fall around on different cards. (Note: In the Lenormand Cards that were originally the Game of Hope there are Trees on Cards 7, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22)


Notes: Look to the cards around for the state of the health. The closer to the Person card the more significant the Health issues will be.Keywords: Health, Unhealthy situations explained by the cards surrounding.

6 - Clouds (K Clubs)

OT Clouds, when their clear side is turned towards the person, is a happy sign, but if this is the obscure side, some trouble will not delay arising.


Notes: The Clouds card traditionally has a light and dark side. Whatever card the dark side touches will have the most negative influence of the Cloud Card. Cloud can has a negative effect on all cards touching it. Keywords Issues, Confusion, Lack of Focus, Ambiguous, Foggy, Problems, instability, Bad Weather

7 - Snake (Q Clubs)

OT Serpent, as in the wild, is always sign of misfortune, that is ruled by whether the card is close to or far from the person. It invariably brings with it deceit, infidelity and sorrow.

Notes The cards touching the snake will reveal the source of the betrayal, when close the Person Card pay particular attention. Keywords Difficulties, Complications, Betrayal, Treachery, Lies, Envy, Bad Omen, Dishonesty, Beware, Rival, Pipes, Hoses, Cables.

8 - Coffin (9 Diamonds)

OT Coffin is the bringer of Doom, very close to the person, invariably means serious illness, death and the total loss of fortune. Further from the person this card is the less dangerous.


Notes: Coffin card brings an end to the card before it & decreases the positiveness of good cards nearby. Keywords: Death, Endings, Sickness, Major Loss, Chronic Illness, Major Life Change, Sorrow, Depression.

9 - Bouquet or Flowers (Q Spades)

OT Bouquet, everything will be as desired.

Notes: Whatever you want, this is the card signifying attainment of happiness. Look to cards around to see if a gift is coming.Keywords Happiness, Beauty, Attainment, Attraction, Wishes Granted, Invitation, Surprise, Celebration, Blossoming, Gift, Reward, Flowers. Timing it denotes Spring,

10 - Scythe or Knife (J Diamonds)

OT Scythe, omen of great danger only avoided when surrounded by auspicious cards.



Notes When close to the Person Card it shows danger, when far away it shows danger to somebody within your life. Whether near or far it lessens the meanings of cards around it. Directional, the card directly touching the blade will be cut, the card “behind” the scythe will be reaped. Keywords Danger, Aggression, Break Up, Accident, Surgery, Warning, Sudden Decisive Action, Cutting, Weapons, Surgery.Timing - Autumn.

11 - Whip / Rod (J Clubs)

OT Rod, means discord in the family, domestic sorrows, dissension between spouses, fever or illness to come.

Notes Means discord within the family. Pay particular attention if House or Ring are nearby. Can mean two of the next card.Keywords Arguments, Quarrels, Strife, Discord, Animosity, Heated Discussions, Discipline, Fighting, Hard Work, Chores, Repetitive Action, Legal Notices, Self-Punishment.

12 - Birds (7 Diamonds)

OT Birds, near the Person are bringers of great effort and burden, but of short duration. Far from the person, this card is the sign of a happy trip.


Notes: Stress, Annoyance, Upset, Gossip, Conversations, Discussions, Chatter, Nervousness, Small Troubles.Two of something for example siblings, partners etc

13 - Child (J Spades)

OT Child is a sign that one makes sure they have only good associations, and that one is full of goodness with regard to everyone.


Notes: How you are seen by your friends and family - see surrounding cards. When close to the Person it signifies a circle of trust that will help when needed, far away the help many not be available. Keywords: Child, Childhood, Little, Small, Small Amount of (see the next card for what), Childish, Naïve, Innocent.

14 - Fox (9 Clubs)

OT Fox, if this card is close, beware of acquaintances, someone seeks to deceive us. Far away there is no danger.         


Notes: Look to the cards around to find the source and the type of wrongness. The perpetrator is usually known to the querent. Do not trust the card that falls after. Keywords Wrong, Deceit, Theft, Sabotage, Misdiagnosis, Incorrect, False, Dishonest, Sneaky. It can represent an actual fox or cat.

15 - Bear (10 Clubs)

OT 15 Bear, is a harbringer of good fortune, but we must distance ourselves from company, especially envious Person


Notes See original translation above: the Bear brings Good Fortune and Protection but with it jealousy, resentment and enemies. When Bear is close by it is a good omen, when far away be careful who you trust and who may profit from your downfall. Keywords: Power, Good Luck in Financials, Prosperity, Strength, Leadership, Management, Boss, Protection. It can represent a real wild animal.

16 - Stars (6 Hearts)

OT 16 Star signifies Luck. However, when close to clouds, it indicates lots of unhappy occurrences.

Notes The closer the Stars to the Person Card the more successful the situation will be. With clouds can signify longer periods without success. 


Keywords: Luck, Success, Wishes, Psychic, Spiritual, Clear-Sighted, Nighttime, Guidance, Guiding Light, Intuition, Fortune Telling, Wireless Internet, Networks, The Mind.