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Kipper Cards - What's the Craic?

The Kipper Cards are a 36 card reading system from Germany. 36 cards depicting normal every day situations! There are no religious symbols, no fancy rabbit holes to dive in, just pure predictive "normal life" situations. This in itself is special as each card is clear to see in our daily lives and no woo attached to send the reader down a spiritual route (albeit if you wish to complete a spiritual read with Kipper that is no problem, but predictive accuracy is its forte).

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Deck: Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

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The images on each card are simple and effective with no need to wonder "what could it mean?" because we all live these situations shown at some point in our lives!

Let's have a look at what makes Kipper Cards unique and why their craic is so interesting!

The Kipper deck is split into card categories:

Connector Cards (3, 4, 30, 31)

The connector cards are cards that bring the two flanking cards into their essence. Take, 31 Short Illness for example, it speaks of a short period of illness (or what we can call a "down patch" in life, moments where we are just down in the dumps about a situation turning sour). The two flanking cards are pulled into this "down patch" and explain what in the querent's life is suffering.

Movement Cards (9, 10, 17, 35)

Movement cards show a scene in which there is a clear flow of a situation. For example, in the 9 Change card you can see a movement (either horse drawn carriage in the original deck, a car in the Card Geek's deck or fish swimming in the Siren's Song Kipper) and it is clear to see in which direction that flow is moving. The card that lands before the flow of movement is the starting position i.e. the change starts with this! Then the card that follows after the flow becomes the outcome of that change or the effect it has on the querent's life (see below using Siren's Song).

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

Cause & Effect Cards (8, 14, 19, 24, 28, 33)

Similar to the movement cards, the Cause & Effect cards tell us why this difficult card is happening (i.e. what is the cause of the anguish) and what effect that will have on the querent. We look to the card to see what directional cues we can see, typically a person card will show their back to one side of the card and this is where the "cause" will be situated. See the image below that highlights which card will be seen as the cause of this horrible situation!

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

Stop Cards (7, 11, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 32, 34, 36)

The cards that do not have a movement are classed as "stop cards" - this means they are a simple, non convoluted situation that does not require further clarification. They act as a punctuation mark on your read.

People Cards (1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 13, 18)

People cards have a directional quality. Their story is easy / auspicious / fortunate if cards land in ahead of their gaze. However, cards behind their backs are considered difficult / inauspicious / unfortunate.

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper


So that is a lot of information and maybe sounds complicated ... but don't panic ... let's see how this can be used in our reads!

The uniqueness of a deck telling you when to lay clarifying cards and when not to is refreshing. The simple rule is, if the card laid is a Connector, Cause & Effect or Movement - you add a card to show their placements and explain further. Sometimes you may get all People and Stop cards - thats OK it means that the answer is simple and non confusing. If you get a card that demands an extra placement you could end up with a table full of cards just for one day - thats OK - it shows that the day is more convoluted or complicated than an easy day of stop cards!

Let's see how this works with a simple example.

My querent is a 40 year old lady who is self employed. She is married and has children.

  • I lay the card to signify the querent = 2. Siren

  • I lay a card either side of her to explain what will be difficult in her day and what will be easy.

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

The cards that land are:

Easy = Letter = A Stop card so no more added

Difficult = 4 Get Together = a Connector card so another card is added to the left.

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

So already we know - the querent will struggle with a "get together" but she will find communication easy!

Let's see what card is added to Get Together:

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

17 A Gift is added to the left hand side of 4 Get Together.

It is a movement card - the movement runs from above down to below (look at the child in the image passing the gift downwards to the siren). The card at the top becomes the "start of the movement" and the card below becomes the effect on the querent's life.

So shall we see what cards are added then interpret?

Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper
Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper

So first and foremost we know:

  1. That the querent's day is a little more convoluted than usual.

  2. That the querent's day is more difficult than easy (more cards behind her back than in front).

The querent has been invited by a new friend to a get together (18 Child, 17 Gift, 4 Get Together) which she is not really wanting to attend (behind her back) but she feels like she has to (29 Prison sitting in the "effect or outcome" position showing a "there is no way out" type situation). However, she will have no issue communicating this to said friend (with 7 Letter ahead).

Does that read a lot more simply than you expected?

That's the beauty of Kipper!


If you would like to purchase Siren's Song Kipper it comes in a set with the Siren's Song Lenormand!

Creators: Carrie Paris, Toni Savory, Tina Hardt

Publisher: Weisser Books

Buy it HERE


And if you would like to dig into the Kipper System and learn more why not sign up for one of our many Kipper Courses Here:

You can also join our Facebook Group and enjoy your Kipper cards with knowledgable readers!


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