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Release to Abundance

The fall season is the perfect reminder that all things must come to an end in one way or another, either naturally or by choice. The leaves change and fall, the birds begin taking flight, and we put away and/or donate items in our closets to make room for the change in the weather. Release is a natural part of life but for most of us, it's the one thing we dread most.

Holding on to people, places, spaces, and situations only clog the pores of our lives. There is a reason and a season for all things, but if we decide to fight the Universe to KEEP what is meant to leave, we will ultimately begin the battle of wills and create a deep sense of suffering internally.

Trying to maintain control over an element that is actively trying to depart, either through words or actions, is denying the release of it and self. Just like the 8 of Swords, the person seemingly "captured" is not in harm's way or bound too tightly to escape. Release is all in the mind. The moment one shifts perspectives and mental gears, the quicker one can truly taste freedom. This season is all about letting go, not only to what is no longer serving you, but the release from YOUR own self-imposed captivity.

In order to actively receive, we must recognize where space can be made. In the "Release to Abundance Spread", we must first identify with the feeling of captivity. Think of a card in your deck that speaks to being "bound". For some, it may be the 8 of Swords or the Devil, but for others, it may be something completely different depending on your situation.

Pull that card and place it in the "1" position. Take a moment to digest the senses that come to surface when looking at that card. What does it feel like in your body? What does it smell like? What do you hear? Now that you are "wearing captivity", let's undress those feelings in the rest of the spread -

2 - Why do I feel the need to hold on?

3 - What will be gained by letting go?

4 - How do I best receive what is taking its place?

Journal your findings and continue with the prompt: "Releasing allows for the abundance of tomorrow to look like…”


This article has been authored by V. Von Schweetz from Red Light Readings, also known as the Tarot BFF. Find out more about her and her work in her website!

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