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What is the difference between Lenormand & Kipper?

The Siren's Song has entered the divination world, singing a sweet melody of cooperation between two different systems - but how different are they? Read on and if you still want to learn more, join me tomorrow LIVE on YouTube with more techniques!

Sirens Song Lenormand and Kipper

The Facts:


A 36 Card Divination system created in Germany.

36 Emblems with specific meanings

Techniques: Method of Distance & Game of Hope


A 36 Card Divination system created in Germany.

36 Situations with specific meanings.

Techniques: Bavarian Kipper Reading Method

On this baseline alone, they are similar but different!


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The answer is .... they can be as similar or as different as you would like!

If the reader wanted to read all cards as per the Lenormand system - then why not!? If the Kipper reader wanted to incorporate Lenormand in the same fashion as reading Kipper - then go ahead!

The one technique that works with both systems is that of directionality of your characters. In the Kipper system and the Game of Hope techniques with Lenormand, the Woman / Man (Main Characters in Kipper) have their bodies and gaze facing in the direction of the read. Leaving the cards behind their backs to have a negative value and the cards ahead to have a positive:

Sirens Song Lenormand and Kipper

The women in Siren's Song all look to the right, enabling the reader to distinguish between positives and negatives (either an "easy" situation or a "hard situation).

This is super important when we are reading on interpersonal relationships - especially the partner card.

The male cards in Siren's Song all look to the left. The cards to the left are therefore easy and the cards behind their backs are considered challenging.

Sirens Song Lenormand and Kipper

So each person has the ability to gaze their partner in the eye (cards sat face to face) or to turn their back on them (cards sitting back to back). This allows us to understand what dynamics are at play within a relationship. Are they supporting one another and in a positive aspect, or are they heading in different directions (sitting back to back)? It is not always a gauge of whether a relationship is breaking down, we can sit back to back with our partners when our lives get a little crazy, maybe neither of the people involved have a great amount of time for one another, for example.


That being said, the uniqueness I find is when each deck is assigned a role within a read.

For example;

Lenormand sets the theme

Kipper sets the daily actions


Lenormand shows a passive role required by the querent

Kipper shows actions that are needed by the querent

Let's have a little look at how that would work with our Siren's Song deck:

Note: Remember the positions above because I will refer to them in the interpretation!

Sirens Song Lenormand and Kipper

We will use the decks as follows:

Lenormand = Setting the Scene

Kipper = Actions Required

Our querent (Siren 2) is facing out of the spread at the top, making the cards to the left inauspicious (or troublesome). The fact that Siren 2 (Kipper) attended and not 29 Lady (Lenormand) shows that the querent needs to take action.

We have four Lenormand scene setters, Coffin, Anchor, Whip, Heart. Showing that the querent is feeling like her world is coming crashing down and that her stability and emotions are plagued with arguments and the cold shoulder.

We have 4 Kipper action cards, Good Lady, Mediator, High Honours and Unexpected Money showing that she really needs to hash this out (Mediator) and take a mature view at the situation (Good Lady) and focus on her own reputation and finding the unexpected love within. It shows that a betterment will be seen (exiting cards Siren 2 / High Honours / Unexpected Money) but that she has to put this behind her (cards sat behind her back).

What would happen if no Kipper attend?

When no "action cards" attend, this is a situation that the querent needs to understand but not that their own personal action is required.

What would happen if no Lenormand attend?

Then no theme is required - it is pure action required from the querent's side. It could show that they are well averse of the situation at the time of laying cards and an advice to "act now" is required.


If you are wanting more techniques - join me tomorrow at 6pm London / 1pm EST for a Lenormand & Kipper mix session using the Siren's Song! Click on the link and set your reminder!

Sirens Song Lenormand and Kipper


.... and ... if you want EVEN MORE techniques why not sign up for the Mixed Systems course with the World Divination Association, using Lenormand & Kipper Cards.

Why not join in the World Divination Association community on Facebook?

You will find lots of diviners who are in love with the Lenormand and Kipper systems!


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