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When Good Cards Turn Bad - Lenormand

The original Lenormand instructions teach us a lot about the behaviour of interactions between the cards and I personally love that some of the cards are just like people! Sometimes we are positive, happy and skipping along life with no cares in the world, at others we have our heads up our bottoms and as the english saying goes "don't know our arses from our elbows". Our moods generally change when our environments or situations alter in some way, perhaps external bullshit knocking at the door or just a "meh" at our to do lists for the day! Lenormand cards are no different, their mood changes depending on the situations attending. Today we will look at the "good cards" that change their attitudes when others attend.

Lenormand Good cards versus bad cards
Lenormand when good cards turn bad

Case 1 (not going in numerical order, just choosing my favourite first) - 19 TOWER

The Tower card in the Lenormand deck is one of the most interesting turns in behaviour, it turns from really really great to OMG this is awful with just one nasty card ... and I bet you can guess that card .... the most turbulent in the deck .... 6. CLOUDS. Let's have a look at the original instructions:

19 Tower, signifies a long and happy old age, but with clouds nearby, it forewarns of illness.

When we are looking at keywords for Tower stemming from the original instructions we are considering it's core meaning to be one of longevity, constancy and good health. It can show a long yet happy day in your dailies, long-term employment in a work themed read and a long and stable relationship in a relationship read. However, the moment Clouds attends it rocks those foundations of Tower to the core and breaks down and negates the positivity of the card leaving us feeling sick, poorly, drained and any other negative connotation of a health basis. The relationships we would once read as happy and stable would become rocky at the very best, our long term employment shattered into a more Tarot Tower type of effect!


The Original Lenormand Meanings in the document are translations of the German Instructions (first edition) together with notes on how these meanings apply. If you are unsure at any point, why not join us on Facebook in the World Lenormand Association group where WDA Endorsed Readers, Teachers and Mentors are available to discuss any aspect of the Lenormand Deck. You may even want to join in with our Buddy Read weekly to practice your skills! Or just delve into the media files and enjoy YouTube instruction from Toni Savory.

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Let's have a look at another card that is adversely affected in mood by the Clouds card!

Case 2 - 16 STAR

16 Star Lenormand Meaning

The Star card is a beautiful card promising luck in our fortunes, it is also a card that in the Game of Hope means "prophecy", the ability to foresee the future - a little positivity in that area of life is not a bad thing to have! The original instructions teach us:

16 Star signifies Luck. However, when close to clouds, it indicates lots of unhappy occurrences.

Here we again meet the rockiness and turbulence that Clouds presents. Rocking the Star so much that what began as luck becomes "a series of misfortunate events"! Our prophecies and clarity of direction (and of course our "luck") is rattled and splayed across the universe into a series of bad luck, lots of things that just make us unhappy. It is important as professional readers that we do not sugar coat the future into being just the core meaning of Star when Cloud lands nearby, for we are not helping them overcome such misfortune ... always look to the cards around this combo to understand exactly what issues the client is going to face and for how long!

Finally, one more just to remember that even the most beautiful cards in the deck can turn salty!

Case 3 - 30 LILY

30 Lilies Lenormand Meaning

Lilies are our emblem for a happy life in the Lenormand Deck, however, it has a super salty side depending on placement. Placed above a character it shows an altruistic mindset, one where we work towards the betterment of everyone. Placed below a character it shows an egotistical character, someone who is out for their own betterment and quite vain in their outlook. However, it is when Clouds attends that we see the most disturbance, creating an unhappy environment within our domestic circle, bringing troubles to our doorstep.

30 Lily, announces a happy life, surrounded by clouds, however, it indicates discord in the domestic circle. If this card is located above the person, it designates virtue, below, we should ascertain if it is vain showiness, deception or hypocrisy.

This card, at its core, is virtuous, happy and content but as soon as the Clouds attend it creates discord in our homes, signalling issues within our own four walls.


How to practice the "good cards turned bad"

Lenormand Box Spread

If you would like to practice the "good cards turned bad" why not create a 9 card spread forcing the "good card" to attend. Read the narrative of the box spread with the positive influence of the card and then place CLOUDS in a position close by to see how this would change your narrative.

We are always practising in the World Lenormand Association group on Facebook, take a photo of your two spreads and tag me in (@thecardgeek) and we can navigate together!


Want to learn more about the Lenormand system? No Problem! We have a wealth of courses on the World Divination Association website:

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We also have a Lenormand Certification course - 16 weeks to learn and practice the art of Lenormand reading, mentored along every step of the way, feedback given at every read - never doubt your Lenormand readings, become a Lenormand PRO today!


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