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Process, Process, Process! Our 30. Court Official often turns up in times where we need to nail down a process and get our stuff in order. How do I nail my reads to make sure I hone down into the nitty gritty that the Querent needs to know? Watch on and don't forget to comment what your processes are! Oh ... and talking of Process .... we have a ton of exciting courses on the horizon... ! Click on the images below for more info! #Kipper #Lenormand #GypsyCards #Tarot #TarotdeMarseille

Betrayal or Deceit?

Who is the worst? Snake - Fox - Dishonest Person? Get to know your nasty cards a little better - and learn more on the Letter cards :) PS - we have Petit Etteilla starting tomorrow - last chance today to register! #kipper #lenormand #LenormandFox #LenormandSnake #KipperDishonestPerson

Petit Etteilla: quick and to the point!

I often consult the Petit Etteilla when I need a quick and simple answer, as I find it to be particularly well suited for that purpose (amongst many other things). A friend of mine was preoccupied about a situation involving his property and wanted to know what the chances were of maintaining his current house. Petit Etteilla cards are always read from right to left so ♦ 10 + ♠ 7 shows a start of the process, in which one will take a strong position with regards to the reversed Queen of Clubs, who stands for “Epouse” = partner. Then we see a backlash in the situation and the perspective becomes unstable (♥ D) for the person in question (♣ B reversed). Conclusion: The chances of being able to

Upcoming! Incoming!

ARE YOU IN? September is well and truly underway with a Gypsy Card Course and Lenormand Level 1 already behind us. Björn and Ruth have started the Lenormand GT Basics course today (all sold out) and we are looking at the up and coming courses that may whet your appetite! Petit Etteilla is the next kid on the block with the Level 1 basics course - everything you need to start reading Petit Etteilla with confidence and with the flair of our cartomancy predecessors. If you are looking for something a little less card based and are open to a whole new level of divination then welcome in - BONES Garth walks you day by day through the art of bone casting and reading. If you don't have a selection

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