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Upcoming! Incoming!


September is well and truly underway with a Gypsy Card Course and Lenormand Level 1 already behind us.

Björn and Ruth have started the Lenormand GT Basics course today (all sold out) and we are looking at the up and coming courses that may whet your appetite!

Petit Etteilla is the next kid on the block with the Level 1 basics course - everything you need to start reading Petit Etteilla with confidence and with the flair of our cartomancy predecessors.


If you are looking for something a little less card based and are open to a whole new level of divination then welcome in -


Bone Reading With Garth Tardy

Garth walks you day by day through the art of bone casting and reading. If you don't have a selection of bones do not worry - Garth will talk you through what you need before class starts.

Forget charms - get to the root of your reads with bones and become the scavenger you always wanted to be (or the quiet collector, for the finer taste).


These aren't the only beauties up and coming - there are an array of courses waiting to happen! Just check on in on the website.


There's more...... for those who have made it all the way to the bottom of the post, we are offering our Pro and Master Members the opportunity to have a page on our website - this offer will not last long!

Check out Brant's page here:

Fancy your own page? Then come and join us at the World Divination Association and start your Endorsement journey!

Divination Endorsement and Membership

Have a wonderful day and smell you later :)

Toni Puhle


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