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Cauldrons bubble and Pumpkins be lit!

Ah Fall is really here! To say that I am gearing up for the Winter Season is an understatement, Halloween/Samhain my personal start to the Holiday Season and since I love the Winter best of all, I unofficially begin it just a tad early. Okay I should just be quite about that since many of you hate snow - why I don't know, but you seem to. Tarot Beginners Classes are really perking along. With what I hope will grow, just a little bit, not too much as I limit the seating, the Tarot Study Group is up and running also. Now ALL things divination (okay maybe not all - YET) are coming to Spellbound of Nyack and prospering and most importantly being enjoyed. Lenormand, has been going strong fo

Do we predict?

The question is raised often and we don't often hear the terms "prediction" and "fortune teller" these days any more, so is that what we are doing when we read our Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Cards? or are we entering the arena as spiritual counsellors or emotional support? Here I speak candidly about my role as a card reader: Subscribe on YouTube and follow on social media: @thecardgeek If you would like to learn how to predict join our courses #predict #prediction #fortune #fortuneteller #fortuneteller #worldkipperassociation #winnerwinnerchickendinner #worldlenormandassociation #kipper101 #coolwithcards #kipper201 #win

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