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Cauldrons bubble and Pumpkins be lit!

Ah Fall is really here!

To say that I am gearing up for the Winter Season is an understatement, Halloween/Samhain my personal start to the Holiday Season and since I love the Winter best of all, I unofficially begin it just a tad early. Okay I should just be quite about that since many of you hate snow - why I don't know, but you seem to. Tarot Beginners Classes are really perking along. With what I hope will grow, just a little bit, not too much as I limit the seating, the Tarot Study Group is up and running also. Now ALL things divination (okay maybe not all - YET) are coming to Spellbound of Nyack and prospering and most importantly being enjoyed. Lenormand, has been going strong for a few years now, remember Spellbound of Nyack is the original place in all the Metro NYC area to teach this, and now we will be moving into the realms of Kipper Cards as well. Kipper Cards are seen as a somewhat "cousin" to Lenormand as in they are both an Oracle cards that use their own specific system to read them and they both consist of 36 cards - after that they differ greatly. Kipper is situational and carries to it more of a "flow" of a reading - it is very much like reading the boxes of a comic strip as a narrative if you will. All in all it is fascinating to learn and Spellbound of Nyack is going to be on the cutting edge of this system as well. Why? Well I happen to be editing what will be the definitive book on Kipper Cards by my friend Toni Puhle. "The Card Geeks Guide to Kipper Cards" should be available at the end of this year, start of the next and it is going to be a MUST buy. Toni shares information in this book that only a true Kipper Card reader would be able to and she does so in direct fashion. So stay tuned for when this book is released - I plan on having copies here in the shoppe to sell direct to you ! I will be adding a page to the website all about Kipper - look for it soon and see if Kipper calls to you, then you can watch for the next Kipper Cards Beginners course - I think that will be in November by the way. A nagging question is in the back of my head that I must ask you all and if you would like to respond, I hope if interested you do, would you like me to find a teacher to bring here to Spellbound to teach Astrology? I am hopeless with that subject myself but there seems to be a small and growing interest so I thought I should ask. And yes, look below, Reiki Level One Certification is back this month. For those of you who have been looking for an easy to learn yet powerful healing technique and/or a way to work with energy in a way you can practice for self healing, this is it. I personally believe everyone should receive Reiki One and Two training as the doors these classes open to you are not limited to just healing work. And if one day I get around to offering Karuna Ki, which basically adds more symbols to the Reiki system (that is such a brief comment), you will truly learn how to empower yourself as well as almost any system of energy, manifestation or magic you choose to. At one time I was called "The Reiki Witch", it might be time to bring that nickname back!?!?! And - yes I threw in a Meditation Evening for those of you who have been asking for that to return. And now onto the Calendar - I did mention in the last newsletter that this month would see a new Gypsy Cards Beginners Course, do to difficulties obtaining the correct deck to use during the class this has been indefinitely postponed until I procure the decks we need - so sorry!! October 2017

Friday the 13th - What Better Night for a Guided Meditation? I invite you to join a Meditation Group to Reconnect, De-Stress, Relax and Unwind. The evening requires no yoga poses or prior experience with Meditation. From 7:30PM until approximately 8:15PM we meet and just learn to reconnect with ourselves and detox after a hectic week. This is also a great way to connect with like-minded people and the only requirement is to please attend on time.

Reiki Level One Certification

Sunday, October 15th, 10AM-6PM Taught by Hugh, a Reiki Master with over 17 years of teaching experience with Reiki, enjoy a day of learning a Healing Art that will change your life. An amazing workshop day filled with handouts, hands on work and of course your attunements and certificate. The cost is $125.00 per person attending and you should call to inquire further or reserve your space in this limited size workshop. I offer this course only twice per year and this is the final time this year, if you have even an inkling that this might be for you I suggest you stop by or call and ask about it.

Lenormand Divination System – The Beginners Course

Wednesday October 18th 7:00-8:30PM

Spend a fun and information packed evening learning the Lenormand Card Reading System basics. This simple 36 card Oracle system is being embraced for its direct way of giving you information. With just what you learn in one class you will be amazed at what you can do. You need to have a Lenormand Deck(you can purchase one in the shoppe before class if need be) as well pen and notebook, handouts will be provided. Cost is $35 per person. I do highly suggest purchasing a copy of the book Essential Lenormand. This book is a wonderful support and continuing teacher after having taken this class to get you started. I normally keep copies of this book in the shoppe at all times.

Tarot Study Group

Saturday, October 21st 7:00-9:00PM $25.00

Spend an Evening working to hone your Tarot skills in a supportive and fun environment. No matter that you are a Beginner or a Seasoned Reader - all are welcome to attend and participate. You need a Tarot Deck, pen or pencil and a notebook as well as a very open mind as it could be you will be working with someone who does not read “quite” the way you do. Be ready to read and/or be read for - no pressure and don’t be nervous, you are among you own kind here! Group size is limited, a limit of 8 Tarot Readers will be accepted for this evening, so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible.

Lenormand Study Salon

Sunday, October 22nd , 10:00-11:00AM $25.00

The popular divination venue of Europe is gaining ground here in the USA. This is an interactive group and all should have with them a Lenormand Deck, pen or pencil and notebook/journal. Decks are available for sale if find you want a new one. Each month we will gather to further our understanding and depth of practice with this amazing tool. You are led by Hugh who is the Co-Founder of the World Lenormand Association and the first to teach Lenormand in the Tri-State Area - you are in good hands.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Wednesday, October 25th 7:00-9:00PM $30.00

It is the month we thinks of all kinds of Spirits so I couldn't resist but to hold this class. An evening designed to allow you to start walking with your Spirit Guide on a daily and purposeful way. No need to think of yourself as Medium to engage with your Spirit Guide, they are with you and looking to work with you more actively. Through a meditation as well as various methods to strengthen your connection, you will walk away with tools to work with at your own pace and do so safely. Please call ahead to reserve your space in this very popular evening class, don't miss your chance to take this class as it is not frequently offered.

Reiki Share Evening

Thursday, October 26th, 7:00-9:00PM $20.00

Looking for a time and place to practice and hone your Reiki skills while being in the company of other Reiki Practitioners? This is your chance! Whether you are a Level 1, 2 or Reiki Master, all are welcome to join in on this evening of healing and learning. Take the time to add more experience and depth to your Reiki practice. We do practice Reiki in a Traditional format, additional tools such as crystals, flower essences and such will not be used by any practitioner when in this group. If you have a massage table that you would like to bring just call to make sure we have room for another.

So the above should keep us busy. The shoppe will be closed on the following dates due to commitments taking me to work outside of the shoppe assisting others; Saturday Oct 7th November 1st For all who celebrate, may your Samhain be magickal and the Ancestors bless you. Hugh

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