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Relationship Reading - Runes

Does he/she love me? Are you wondering about someone's feelings for you and are drawn to this blog? Read on and if you are a rune lover, see how much detail you can get on a relationship reading using two sets and an understanding of the relationship spread!


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A relationship reading if you are drawn to the image below:

You could be sensing or fearful that something may be wrong and it could be causing you to be acting quite defensively around the person at this time. Feelings like the relationship is stagnating could really be causing you to be wanting to assert yourself and have some discussions around what is going on and why your significant other is acting differently around you. What the other person is feeling is that this is causing a disruption in their happiness and that you could be acting unfairly and they are themselves seeking to understand why it is that you could be behaving differently towards them. There is a need to come to an understanding of what each others needs are and this could be transformative although your person may not want to commit the same way that you do as they could be wanting to think of their needs as a priority OR are thinking that at times you yourself could be acting selfishly and not thinking of them and what they want from life also.

There is a need to see the abundance that each brings to the relationship and the strength that also comes with this. If you can harness this strength and really appreciate things for how they are and understand that compromise may be needed at times then there is the real potential for things to really grow within the relationship and you could find that in fact the person expresses their love and the connection deepens on many levels. It could lead to a stronger connection, more of a commitment and one which really could make you both feel that you have arrived home with each other and could be looking at creating your own if not already.


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