Do you wish to work on your mediumship but would like to feel supported in the journey to understanding how to channel and receive messages from spirit? At the World Divination Association our mediumship teachers are available to you on a one to one basis in the form of mentoring and support.

Mediumship Beginners includes 5 Lessons + Daily Support of your Mediumship Teacher + Live calls


The mediumship journey is one that lasts a lifetime and development is a process that differs with each of us. This course is designed to walk you through the five aspects of mediumship that will catapult you into the land of spirit and sensing their presence. Each lesson includes video instruction and downloadable content, made to navigate you through the mediumship process.


How the course / mentorship works:


Within the classroom you have access to: 


5 x Video Instruction on the clairs

1 x Mediumship handbook on the clairs

Your Tutor - Jane Matthews

Live sessions as and when needed to answer group questions


Your mentorship includes:


1 x monthly 20min face to face video call with Jane Matthews

Daily availability through the facebook group to your tutor for questions


Access to your tutor / mentoring is limited to 4 months - if you wish to extend the mentorship please purchase again at the end of your mentoring period (i.e. 4 months after date of initial purchase).

Mediumship - Beginners + Mentoring

199,00 €Price

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