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The Magic of Ogham

Ogham is the earliest Irish language and has been around since 400AD. It is much more than a language however, it is also a tally system as well as a guide to understanding the universe and our place within it. It has been used for divination purposes and magic by druids and bards and its magical properties are something which in this modern day when utilising for divination, bring a familiar yet undeniable pull to understand not just ourself but our place in the universe we are in.

We are the centre of our own universe, each and every one of us and because of this the system of Ogham is perfect when looking to gain insight into ourselves deeper and also the way things affect us and how we can navigate through them. It is a deeply personal journey with each and every casting and the answers which you can gain are endless.

It is a perfect tool when looking at how to grow spiritually as well as understanding our struggles with adapting and change. It reassures as we transition from one way of being to another and although it does not promise no discomfort will be felt at times in our lives, it lets us know that any discomfort will be short lived and that we will ultimately be better on many levels afterwards. It encourages us to become our best selves and aids us in understanding why or how people or situations can affect us. It will change the way you use divination or view your place in the universe and bring more of a peace and balance from that.

Ogham itself is well known yet not at the same time, a contradiction in itself and one where the resources out there can seem limited and confusing at times especially when looking at it as more than a language. Similar to runes they can prophesize events that will occur or aid in understanding why an event has occurred. When using for divination it brings forth many aspects which diviners of other systems will already be familiar with - the way of the worlds for example utilises the Celtic cross and this is a spread which will make you feel at home straight away with the system once you have mastered the meanings.

It all starts with the core meanings of the fews - of which there are twenty. These meanings infuse both light and dark aspects and the ways in which they are understood is dependent upon how the other fews pulled are influencing. This will clearly show if it is negatively or positively aspecting within a reading. Diviners who read in this manner with both Tarot and Lenormand systems will find this easy to come to grips with as you take those steps forward in mastering Ogham.

Here is an example of a three card reading asking the question show me my working day using The Way of Brigid:

The first card shows hidden influences or the underbelly so to speak, the second card shows the situation as it is right now and what is helping or hindering and the third card is the likely outcome.

From this you can say that there has been changes which you have been determined to make happen in work and as you continue to strive for improvement there are going to be some times within the day where you could find others are trying to dissuade you or restrict you from continuing with what you are pursuing, ultimately though it is something that once the boundaries are set and order is created you are able to continue and gain the success which you have been working towards.

The strengths of Ogham as a divination tool are many but predominantly in my opinion I feel them better suited to spiritual reads or ones regarding personal growth. They ask fundamental questions from the querent and that aids in understanding oneself on a much deeper level.

The cards in the images above will be available to purchase from this weekend - stay tuned for further information!


For anyone who may be interested in learning how to read Ogham for divinatory purposes there is an 11 week endorsement program starting on February 12th. This course is designed for those new to Ogham and more advanced readers of this system. You will be taken step by step each week through the meanings, small spreads through to the larger way of the worlds spreads, casts, clusters, and guided how to utilise the forfedha when casting to gain so much more clarity and traction when reading using this system. It will take you through bronze, silver and gold endorsement levels and you will be awarded gold certification upon successful completion of the course. There are weekly videos as well as exercises which you must complete in order to obtain certification, but these are all done at a pace which is not going to overwhelm but excite you about what you are able to achieve when reading with Ogham.

For those who are wanting to register for this course the link for this is:


Ogham casting mats are now available to purchase



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