Jane is a natural medium and Co-Founder of the World Spiritual Association. A rune reader and rune magic professional who will walk you hand in hand through your manifestations.


Do you want to:

  • improve your current situation?

  • raise financial income?

  • find the perfect love match?

  • increase your personal fitness?

  • manifest a specific outcome?


Then a custom bindrune is the perfect solution!


In order for your bindrune to be completed after order send your specific situation that needs to be improved or manifested to: janeymatthews79@gmail.com 


What is a bindrune?


A bindrune is a combination of runes that are bound together and which strengthens an individual runes power. It can be made using two or more runes and can harness the power of the runes used to change or alter outcomes in situations within life that a person could be struggling with to make them more favourable. They can also be created for specific purposes such as when purchasing a new home or when wanting to create protection or bring forth love, harmony or prosperity into anything that you would like within your life. They can be used to manifest changes in all areas of life as well as altering karmic patterns when they have been identified.


The process with Jane


When creating a bind rune I pull them specifically for the purpose of which they are required, I complete my bind with the energy of a final rune specific to that bind to then harness the energy of the bind and activate it.  I use these alone without any other tools but I have recently begun utilising them alongside tarot to bring even more energy into the manifestation process. In addition, Tarot cards may be added, depending on the situation, to reflect what purpose the runes have been bound for. 


I have the bind runes written in a manifestation book and written on the tarot (creating similar to a bookmark that the person can then have posted to them if wanted). I also state where on the body a bind rune would need to be drawn on the person to aid this manifestation process. I can also complete the manifestation with a sigil that I was given during channelling spirit that will switch any energies that are negative to work towards a more favourable outcome in any given situation.


Should you wish for the original bindrune tarot creation to be sent to you, postage will be charged extra.


What do you do with the bindrune?


You will be sent the bindrune via email together with instructions on where to place and if it should also be worn on the body (with marker or similar). Jane will provide you with details on how to apply.

Should you have any queries during the process please email Jane or



Custom BindRune

25,00 €Price

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