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Elder Futhark Runes vs Ogham - A short comparison

I have been getting asked more and more of late about the fundamental differences between the Elder Futhark Runes and Ogham so i thought i would write a blog giving a summary and explanation of both to aid anyone who may be interested in these systems.

The Elder Futhark runes are Germanic based and are a language system which was first established around AD 400. They are widely recognised as the earliest form of runic alphabets whose usages have been used not only as a language over the years but have also evolved into a divination practice where they were used as a tool to communicate with the Norse Gods and receive insight into how to approach and when to approach aspects of life. Their energy is strong and as a divination tool they give answers in a blunt and tangible way. This has made them perfect when utilising them for magic and harnessing their energies to create bindrunes.

They are the universe within a bag and they carry a wisdom which when harnessed correctly can aid anyone in understanding themselves and the influences around them in a succinct manner. With links to the Norse Gods they are an ideal system to utilise when looking for spiritual insight or commencing on meditative journeys. There are 24 runes in total and the power which each and every one contains is immeasurable and the insight they can each bring will greatly improve ones awareness not only of self but also of what affects them in any life situation.

Although the language was created in times which our modern world now struggles to identify with (Uruz and its links to the Ox for its strength and endurance for example) they are still applicable in our day to day lives - all it takes is for us to understand their core essence and core meanings in a more modern way (Uruz the strength and fortitude WE need to really harness to continue and push through the day to accomplish our tasks). This then allows them not only to become more integrated into our own world and our practices but also to keep them relevant in the age which we are now in. The information which they can and will provide is only limited by the ways in which a person can understand and work with the energies which they present - part of the blockages for many is the struggle in understanding how the core meanings can be carried into "this world" which we are now in and from that how to interpret them that way (without taking from their core essence). When a person can do this it takes away a lot of the struggles when trying to build a narrative as well as creating a narrative flow within a reading. The runes truly are a passion of mine and a love that grows and deepens with each and every cast. To me they really are magnificent and by understanding the energies of them anything becomes possible! You can literally see the ways in which the magic of them springs to the surface to be worked with.

Ogham on the other hand is very very different. Ogham is the earliest known form of the Irish Language and was first established around 4th - 6th centuries AD. Ogham is a beautiful language and with its links to paganism was utilised for many purposes by druids in that time period. Ogham consists of 20 fews known as Fedha each of them categorised by markings all with different meanings. One strike fews being linked to the underworld, 2 strike fews links the path to the underworld, 3 strike fews linked to this world (our world), 4 strike fews linked to the path to the otherworld and 5 strike fews linked to the otherworld. This allows for Ogham to be utilised as a portal to which all worlds are accessible in this world we are in. This in turn allows Ogham to carry forth so much information to us.

Ogham has many usages, from magic to divination, to written language but Ogham fundamentally is a tally system and actually catalogues the universe and all that exists within it. Within Ogham we are considered to be the centre of our own universe (which makes sense when you think on a basic level we are all existing within the same universe but having different understandings and experiences of it as individuals).

Each few has a core meaning and contains both light and dark within it. It encourages the reader to look at the nuances and understand situations including oneself on deeper level which then in turn brings an empowerment to either take an action (or not). Ogham requires you to be able to look at yourself and your contributions with regards to any situation honestly and openly and because of that is ideal for anyone wanting to use it as a tool for self growth and development. It will lead you on a journey into understanding yourself in depth and acknowledging the parts you like as well as dislike in order to bring a balance or create a change. With Ogham you really can see the good, the bad and the ugly within yourself and the world around you, including in others - facilitating great changes on many levels and in many ways for any situation within your life. You can be assured with Ogham that you will not only have an answer to a situation but a deeper psychological understanding of why a certain approach has been or needs to be taken!

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