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Runes with Jane Matthews: Hagalaz

Hagalaz. The facing of that storm, the turbulence reflected internally that is occurring externally. The continuation and braving of whatever is coming, perseverance and determination to push through any discomfort that is being felt or caused by everything around you or indeed within you. Keeping that forward movement within your life even though you could be disorientated in which direction you are now heading, even though you may be fearing what is going to happen. Trusting the path that you are on and knowing that the relentless beatings from the hail, the wind, the waves of emotions will eventually subside allowing you to see just how far you have came, despite everything you have just been through. You have weathered just one of many storms within your life.

Runes are fascinating and hide a very rich history! Did you know that you can also use them for magical and spiritual purposes? Check out Jane's Custom BindRunes and find out what they can do for you!

If you want to learn much more about how the meaning of the runes and their interpretation, check out Toni Puhle's course on Teachable! Runes Certification Level 1: How to read the Elder Futhark Runes.


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