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May 2021 - Your Rune Forecast!

As April comes to a close and we say goodbye to another month, we take a moment to reflect on the new month ahead of us. A brand new chance to start afresh and wipe off any energies that are not serving you well!

The lovely Jane Matthews shares your read for the month ahead, all you have to do is choose one of the following runes .... will it be 1 .... 2 .... or 3!

MESSAGE 1 - This month is all about cycles and you may well have been working towards new ventures be it in work or within your personal life. There are choices this month that you will be needing to make and this is going to be the onset of the newness that you have been waiting to enter into your life. If you have been applying yourself to a particular project of late then you may well be seeing how this is going to provide you with a whole new range of opportunities in the coming months. The emphasis on the month should be to continue working towards what it is that you are wanting to create at this time and make your decisions based around what it is you love or what you find you are most drawn to. You could be finding inspiration this month from the most unlikely of sources so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as it is going to really provide you with some sparks that could give more oomph to whatever actions you are wanting to take. It can also be that you are going to be welcoming in some positive changes and you will really see these appearing in a tangible way towards the end of the year.


MESSAGE 2 - This month has an emphasis on the abundance that you have. There could be times within the month where you may be assessing what you have and what you want or need in the future. You could be spending time with family or meeting with old friends and this could bring you to having feelings of nostalgia and really seeing the importance of what you have around you. If you have been trying to gain some stability in your relationships with those closest to you then you will be seeing throughout this month how this can be achieved and how much you may have been missing this during the previous 6 months or more. If you are trying to create more stability for yourself in a financial sense then you may need to be looking at ways in which you can gain more through work or coming up with ideas on how you can create longer term financial growth. For some there could be people from your reminiscing on the times that you may have had enjoying each other's company. There could be a possibility of wanting to reconcile the relationship or friendship and you will really need to use your discernment as to if things really will be different this time around.


MESSAGE 3 - There is a need to be strong this month and there could be times where you feel that your strength really is being tested. You may have some situations within the family dynamic that could be changing and you may well be needing to really stand strong in order to retain not only your balance but the balance of those closest to you. For some there could be a change of residency coming to fruition and for others it could be planning on how to make a move that is wanted at this time. During the month it is important to act with integrity and not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed or fearful of any changes that may come. Take it as an opportunity to really grow not only in yourself but also with regards to your relationships with others. You may find a renewed appreciation for the people within your life and you could also be recognised and appreciated for what you bring into others lives. This month is a time to really show your strengths, embrace those you love and really move into a happiness that you may not have felt for some time.


Did you enjoy your monthly forecast? Why not book a reading with Jane or treat yourself to a custom Bind Rune made just for you!

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Janice Ghent
Janice Ghent
May 01, 2021

Thanks Jane ! So true all these family matters as my sister has finally all of a sudden come to stay with the family. Your message and bindrunes have me so optimistic and hoping for the best. Thanks again!

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