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Where are you!? Have you lost your way?

At the point of writing this I am so excited we may need to contain me (the WDA Team are working on that I think LOL) - BUT we have ticket holders who have not asked to join the conference group EEEK!?

Please make sure you request to join NOW!

Tier 3 are already settled in the group and Tiers 1 and 2 will be added within the coming 24 hours. If you have friends who are attending, give them a nudge and a wink to get in now!

If you haven't registered yet you have exactly the countdown above to buy your ticket! We do have the Black Friday deal on for each Tier still with the coupon code: BIGBANG


We have over 40 sessions with international speakers working around the clock for you! It will be a crazy weekend and we will be collectively manifesting our best futures.

If you have registered PLEASE JOIN THE GROUP!!

I personally cannot wait for Saturday morning to come, if you haven't been to a WDA Virtual Conference before, you are in for a treat. We laugh, we learn and most importantly we work on ourselves together. We have a lovely relaxed, friendly and family like atmosphere, where we can just be safe to big one another up - which is so needed in 2020!

To all attendees - Thank you! You are amazing, you make this possible and I am truly grateful to each and every one!

See you on Saturday!



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