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When The Dead Speak

Earlier I wrote about how magic lives in the dirt, dirt is composed of dead things, and included at the end a few spreads on how to see who, as in your dead people, are around you and what messages they have. When I speak of dead people, I am speaking about my beloved dead. Brant Williams gave an excellent explanation of how the dead can be categorized and I encourage you to check out his post, even if traditional witchcraft isn't your thing, this explanation is very thorough without being wordy.

Work done with other mentors has given me a foundation where 12 of my ancestors have stepped forward to offer advice each day; not every one every day but someone each day. My grandfathers did extensive genealogical research, back when you actually had to travel to places to conduct that research, so for those I didn't know while living, there is a plethora of information available to me. Using a pendulum, I dowsed for these twelve (10 within my known family tree + 2 from before recorded history), assigned them one of the court cards from a regular card deck, and consult with one of them each day (ask who, shuffle, pull).

While I know some information on these people, the further back one goes, the less information is available. What better way to learn more about these ancestors than to use the messages from beyond spread to not only hear their messages but also learn more about them from them.

On this particular day, Edith Smith stepped forward. What I already know about Edith Smith was that she was 93 when she shed this mortal coil (I was 6 years old), she was quite the socialite, an advocate of the Democratic party thus receiving an invitation to tea at the White House - this invitation was handwritten by Eleanor Rosevelt (my Aunt has the original). I also know she cared for her father, Cpt. John Thierson Smith, who was a very disagreeable man and a difficult patient. She was a devout Presbyterian and my Aunt shares a story about how Grandma (Edith Smith) wouldn't let my aunt out of the house unless she was wearing hose.

This spread will look familiar to some of you as it is similar to the What's It About Spread. When shuffling I share the details of the spread then pull cards. What I like about this is they get to share with me bits about themselves in their own words and from their perspective.

* Who was she? No 29 Woman. Well, she was a woman, definitely feminine and a slave to fashion, I imagine. LOL

*Who was she not? No 19 Tower. Now this one I had to think about. In the Game of Hope Tower represents longevity and I know she was 93 when she died. That's a long time by most standards. The Tower can also represent loneliness so I'll have to say Tower, for her, means she wasn't lonely.

*How she was when living, how she identified herself: No23 Mice. She worried a lot, and it was the little things that gnawed at her. I don't know at what point her father came to live with her but if it was while my Grandfather was still at home, she would have had her hands full.

*What quality would I associate with her, i.e. how would I have known her: No36 Cross. While burdened by the care of her father, she impresses upon me that I would have known her by her beliefs.

And Grandma Smith's message? 12+3+20 Don't stress about moving about in society. Appropriate advice from the socialite to her awkward great-granddaughter.

I wanted to share another interview with an ancestor of mine that is much older and one that is of a spirit/star nature. This will be a reach for some. In this ancestral work, I had two ancestors step forward that are from before recorded time, each presenting a symbol to use for representation; a crown for one and the other a lemniscate.

Dowsing has given me an energy and name to use for this lemniscate; HIS name is Zeek; this is not short for Ezekiel or a similar nickname, it is just as spelled. To look at his read we see the following:

Who was he? No8, Coffin. He was never with the living.

Who was he not? No22 Never stuck. This reminds me of how energy, which includes Spirit, can get stuck in places; ghosts would be another example of getting stuck someplace. He has never been in that place.

How he identifies: No 18 Dog. He is Loyal.

How would I know it's him? No 26 Book. I know its him because he is part of the unknown, the mystery that is spirit. He is also that insatiable thirst for knowing more, for looking into the field or the void.

Just because one can talk to the dead or read for oneself doesn't preclude a reading or channeling from another. His presence has been confirmed by another who saw not only him standing in the background (in a suit, nonetheless) but my other two chaperones (great aunts). My aunts were more prominent, in the foreground and he stood back and behind them which I interpreted as how they are in my timeline; he being older than the others.

This journey continues with Toni's Lenormand-Mediumship class. I encourage you to pick up a deck and reach out to your dead; they still have much to offer and have the unique perspective of having been on both sides of the veil. Who knows who is waiting for you on the other side.


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