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Top 5 Healing Modalities 2023

Top 5 Healing Modalities 2023 - Can you guess what made the list?

You're a card reader right?! I bet you have tried your hands at many “weird and wonderful” things in your lifetime, maybe starting with that magic eye picture as a kid? Or perhaps the fortune telling fish that changes its shape on your hand to foretell your future - remember those? So I am in no doubt that at some point on your journey thus far that you have tried your hand at a healing modality, reiki perhaps or spiritual healing?

Fortune Telling Fish

I am much the same as you, I have got certificates in the cupboards covering everything from Crystal Healing, Master Reiki, Negative Energy Clearance to Aromatherapy and Hypnosis. I don’t consider myself THAT old, but I have been practicing the art of energetic healing for around 35 years and have found the most functional and effective healing methods to begin with self. Here are my top 5 Healing Modalities of 2023, some of which are free to learn and use!


1. Radiesthesia & Pendulum Healing

I was in my twenties when I began Pendulum Healing (and dowsing), I had been studying at various spiritual churches and classes the art of spiritual healing, but had never applied a pendulum in this manner. Spiritual healing is very hands-on and we are used to being the channel for energetic healing.

With the use of a Pendulum (and I would recommend Baj Pendulums for any of your Pendulum requirements - no payment received for the push!) we can channel the energy that our client is needing using our autogenic suggestions / biofeedback. Technically we are opening ourselves up (as we would with mediumship or psychic development) and allowing ourselves and our pendulums to be the conduit. After healing a client with the use of a pendulum, we are full of energy and have not expended or lost anything in the process. The plus point too is that you also have a dowsing tool in your hand to dowse for illness AND energetic issues within our client. Quick Tip: A system of healing requires a set of rules to work by and pendulum healing is no exception. You are the worker, you have your tool and you will use it according to the universal laws that bind us. In short, when healing, your pendulum will always rotate anti clockwise first in order to “remove” illness or issues, it will then swing clockwise to “give healing” or “fill the gap” of the unnecessary that has been removed. Learn more about Pendulum Healing here:


2. Symbol Healing

New Homeopathy (or Symbol Healing) is a healing modality that is widely used across Germany. It came into my life whilst living in Munich and is an excellent and easy tool to use anywhere!

My children often still have a symbol drawn on a specific body part in order to heal their bodies (physical body, mind, emotions and spirit). I researched New Homeopathy in depth, from the most simple application to the most complex (Dr Stelzl being a master in this!) and have found its application to be not just easy, but also effective. A baseline of 5 simple symbols will get you a long way and knowing where to apply on the body will increase success. Quick Tip: Place the cosmic caterpillar symbol on the inside of your left arm (between your wrist and your elbow) to let go of karmic ties and release you into your current life. It aids with depression, anxiety and a multitude of ailments in this life. Why not try it this week and see if you get any results!? Learn more about symbol healing here:


3. Telos Healing

Telos Healing is a very special and personal healing modality in my life. It came into my life around 10 years ago with a dear dear friend who has now passed.

I completed my Telos Healing training and now have stones around the house amplifying this energy! Without Colisa Spykes I wouldn’t have learned so much about this system and about how I can apply it every day. If you are a crystal grid lover - this is even better! Telos healing works with an attunement and the use of stones (good old fashioned stones nothing fancy!) we apply the telos energy to the stones and create grids around our property. We can also apply them to the body of our client when healing or keep in a pocket at all times! Learn more about Telos Healing here:


4. Four Selves Healing

You will have heard of the Hp’opono pono prayer “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you” but many haven’t delved into the Huna way of life and healing possibilities.

Four Selves Healing begins with self, namely our Conscious Self, Subconscious Self, Physical Self and Superconscious Self. Understanding the relationship between these and healing our triggers at each self level. How can we be whole when we don’t understand how our superconscious (Higher Self if you prefer) communicates with our more physical selves? This modality of healing breaks down our fundamental triggers and allows us to understand how we can communicate with spirit and heal from within. Warning - It is not for those who do not wish to practice on a daily basis! You will discover more about you, your clients will discover the root cause of their problems and life will begin to manifest in the correct manner for your journey.

Learn more about Ho’opono pono here:


5. Sanjeevini Healing Prayers

If you have not experiences Sanjeevini Healing Prayers it is time to do so now! It is a free system of healing online based around the vibrational qualities of prayer - the “prayers” are converted into a symbol to contain the healing needed for all kinds of ailments (both spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical).

Simply printing out the images, playing a glass or bottle of water thereon and drinking with intention will start your way! You can transfer this healing energy to most objects in your environment and create “tonics” to live by. Find out moe about Sanjeevini Healing Prayers here:


Whichever healing modality suits you, practice it daily, allow it to become a way of life that serves your highest good. Every great intention we have sends out those #payitforward vibes into the universe.

Much love


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