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The Magic of Connection

Many are aware of the energy work I do, the way I recommend feeling the energy of the runes when I teach for example as well as tarot and anything around me. When I first really began my awakening and felt my connection not only with myself but with everything and everyone around me I became at first hyper vigilant and fearful at times of the energies of others and also how to best handle that.

For anyone who wants to truly be able to move forward in their life (be it spiritually or not)and create a positive change for themselves but also with regards to their relationships past and present with others then I would highly recommend this book The Magic of Connection.

The ways in which energy is explained, the encouragement to face it, then knowledge given to be able transmute it is empowering. It allows you to really gain control over your own energy and minimise the effect any other any has on you. I can honestly say if I had known about this book early last year then I would not have been half as fearful as I was, and even now I have taken so much from it that I really feel enabled to take a proactive role with any energy that comes towards me more so than ever before.

If anyone hasn’t read this book or bought it then I would highly recommend it as I do believe it won’t only change your life, but will change the way you view yourself, your energy and your ability to transmute any situation you are in at any given time.

I am so thankful I read it, and grateful to Michelle Welch for writing something which in my opinion is life changing yet understated!

It can be purchased here for those who are interested:

The Magic of Connection at

Jane Matthews grew up in Cumbria, United Kingdom and now lives in Northern Ireland with her partner Toni. Jane is a Director of the World Divination Association and Founder of the World Spiritual Association and teaches students around the world the art of divination using Runes, Tarot, Lenormand and of course the Vegvisir Compass. You can find out more or book a personal reading at


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