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The different "Voices" of Playing Cards...

If you have ever left your home country to visit another, you know that you experience new or different cultures, often a different language is spoken. Even if the language shares common roots with your own, there is still a diversity of words and vocabulary. The card systems are no different! You are probably familiar with different fortune telling systems and have seen the playing card inserts on them - you maybe noticed them on Lenormand or Grand Jeu Lenormand, perhaps you already use Playing Cards for your divination method - but playing cards are not always the same. They are entitled to have their own role on the stage and not seen simply as accessories on other card systems - who honestly do not need them for detailed information on top. Every system is a system in its own right. Why ask the cards for astrological details if there is a radix for this and vice versa?

And so we come to SKAT cards, a system of their own. This system differs in core Playing Card Divination meanings due to their region and country and to wade through this jungle of meanings, it is important to stay with the system you identify most - a mix up of too much different vocabulary won't work. In any system, if you throw too many meanings into the pot - you will get lost in the maze, one reader says this, another says that ....

Stick to the origins of your playing cards and open the doors to future! And to show you, I would like to give you an example of how you can mix up things that are not meant to be together:

See the 7 of Spades on the picture below... a card that within some systems is seen as a card of information, or attention or even sometimes known as fortune, but this same card showed Carmen in the opera the greatest misfortune of life....

This difference spreads through the whole deck, similar roots but a whole different vocabulary. Hope you enjoyed our little excursion into the world of playing cards. Have a great day and enjoy your week ahead ;)

Our 7 of Spades. Devil or Angel? You want to know. The Skat Course will answer for sure! Join me and learn more about the Skat Vocabulary and System:


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