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The Cube - Test Yourself!

Spirituality isn't so much a practice as it is a way of being. It is our nature to want to know and learn, and the WDA is an easy place to accomplish that; offering a plethora of classes, places to practice, and to associate with like minded individuals. Even with all this our focus can become fixed, leaving us unable to see other possibilities. This is where science marries woo; personality tests, just like the Maori circle shared in a previous post, help us circumvent our usual access channels, to bypass those biases, and see whats been hiding in plain sight.

Like the Maori, the Cube in the desert will require you to use your mind's eye/imagination to see a picture. This reads like an old school computer game, where it describes the scene and then you type in a command; the game provides the words, your mind creates the picture.

For this test, you don't have to write down anything though after taking the test I found my picture changed to fit the narrative I wanted to see. LOL so I'll suggest writing it down so you have a snapshot.

Let's begin.

You are walking alone in the desert and you come across a cube.

  • How big is the cube?

  • What is is made of?

  • Can you see inside the cube?

  • How big is the cube compared to the desert?


Now you see a ladder.

  • Is the ladder leaning on the cube?

  • What color is the ladder?

  • What is the distance between the cube and the ladder?


Next you see a horse. I was reminded of the song, A Horse With No Name, by America. LOL I'm so sorry, let's get back to the test.

  • How near/far is the horse from the cube?

  • What color is the horse?

  • Is the horse tied up or roaming freely?

  • Is the horse wearing a saddle?


Let's add some drama to this collection in the desert – a storm is coming.

  • What is the distance between the storm and the cube?

  • Is the storm big or small?

  • Is the storm passing by or staying in place?

  • Is the storm violent with thunder and lightening, or is it calm with light rain?


And one last item – you see a flower.

  • Is there just one or many?

  • Is this flower(s) close or far from the cube?

  • And what color?


The interpretation is coming up below ... Do not read further until you have imagined all of the above!


Read through the interpretations below and question what each symbol means with regards placement, size and materials etc. When you have interpreted, why not share in the World Divination group on Facebook!


The cube represents your ego and how you see yourself in the world. If the cube is transparent that means people see right through you. The material from which the cube is made represents your feelings and how tough of a front you show. The size of the cut compared to the desert represents your ego. If the cube is large in comparison to the desert then you think highly of yourself.


The ladder represents your friends. If the ladder is leaning on the cube, your friends tend to lean on you for support. The distance between the cube and the ladder shows how close you are to your friends.


The horse is your lover or ideal lover. The distance between horse and cube shows the closeness you have with your current lover. If the horse is tied up, then it shows the need to be controlling in a relationship. A horse with a saddle denotes you feel safe with them and a free, unsaddled horse might mean you view your lover as uncontrollable, unpredictable.


This storm symbolizes an obstacle in your life. If it is passing then the issue is current with a resolution in the near future. If the storm isn't moving then this is an ongoing obstacle with no resolution in sight. How large/small, close/far you see the storm reflects how important this obstacle is to you; violent/calm represents how much grief it is causing.


The flower(s) represents your children or desire to have children. Closer to the cube shows how close you feel to your children or the though of having children. More flowers, more children.


About Annette Laniee:

Annette is a professional diviner, Reiki practitioner, & Ayurvedic enthusiast; she is a WDA endorsed lenormand and kipper reader, Reiki Master, a Kripalu certified Ayurvedic body worker, and is a graduate of Catherine Yronwodes/Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Correspondence Course. Raised by the mountains of Appalachia, she learned to commune with wildlife, plants, and the dead. Now on the prehistoric reefs if central Florida, she wakes the sleeping magic of the crossroads with crow, hawk, and The Mere; speaking of things that were and are to come.

IG: annette.lanniee

FB: Annette Lanniee


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