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Telos Healing

Telos is the ancient Greek term for an end, fulfilment, completion, goal or aim; it is the source of the modern word ‘teleology’. However, when we speak of Telos Healing we are speaking of the energies linked with the Lemurians and Atlantians. A journey into either science fiction or a depth of vibration that we just have to believe exists - a leap into faith into a part of the universe we do not understand.


Mount Shashta

Telos came into my life in the early 2000s, I was a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healing Practitioner amongst many other titles, but none of them really “did it” for me as far as sensing a tangible betterment in situation. Yes Reiki energy is amazing, I am not knocking it, but when Telos entered my life, the force and ease of application surprised me! Telos healing is a gift to all, it can be used by anyone who wishes for their own life (and that of others) to improve.

Telos and my attunement and love therefore, holds a special place in my heart, Telos came into my life with my late friend Colisa Spykes, it is in her memory and with great love that I brought this healing method to the World Divination Association.

What is the Telos story?

The origins of Telos is steeped in science fiction and possible “eye witness accounts” which are dubious at best, as is usual with the legend of the Lemurians and Atlantians.

The fundamental concept is that 25,000 years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria were the two most highly civilized civilizations on earth. The Atlantians were known for their technological advancements, whereas Lemurians were known for their telepathic advancements. Lemurian society was built on love and telepathy, which was seen as a possible threat. Atlantis declared a sudden attack on the Lemurians and when the wars were over there were no winners, only death and destruction were left. The Lemurians who survived were said to build a city beneath Mt Shashta, the city of Telos.

What are we meant to believe?

Whether you believe that Lemuria existed, or that Telos was a major city, or that the supercontinent Pangea was enveloped by the sea, is entirely up to your own belief system. There are plenty of sources on the internet that will feed you varying accounts, there are books published (mostly channelled) which will detail a history of war between Lemuria and Atlantis and if it is of interest to you, then delve deeper!

Telos Stones

**In order to use this healing technique you do not need to believe the origins! An origin story cannot be substantiated, but the benefits of this healing modality can be! 

So how do you connect to the energies of Lemuria and the Telos people?

Walk through this meditation and experience for yourself how the energy feels, how you feel within that energy and consider how this can be used as a healing modality.



  1. Set your intention to explore the Telos healing energies for yourself.

  2. Take a moment to close your body down using Autogenic Suggestions (that means focus on your whole body and tell it to relax! I.e. “My feet are becoming heavier and heavier, my ankles release all tensions” etc all the way up to the head).

  3. One you feel your body and mind are relaxed begin the visualisation below.



Imagine (and please do allow yourself to use your imagination!) that you are stood on a path in open countryside. Ahead of you is a mountain, but for now you stand on the path to the mountain and take in the scenery. What do you see? Corn fields? Forests? Rivers or Oceans? Allow the landscape to form in your imagination as you stand and watch.

Take as long as you need and then imagine yourself walking towards the mountain.

Long and slow steps, enjoying the scenery as you walk.

Imagine the mountain becoming closer and closer.

Eventually, you will reach the bottom of the mountain.

Take time to look up and see how big the mountain is to you, what its colour is and how imposing the mountain is. You are stood in its shadow at the cool base of the rocks.

You notice there is an open door at the base of the mountain and begin to walk towards it.

Enter the door into the depths of the mountain and feel the coolness of the rock either side of you.

The path is narrow, but you see there is a path and steps downwards within.

Walk the path and count the stairs as you descend.

Step 1 is the count of 10

Step 10 is the count of 0

When you reach zero you are in the centre of a large cave.

In the centre of the cave is an area at which people can gather, a circular platform that could be used in a ceremony.

This is the heart of the Telos energy.

In your imagination, ask for Telos energy to flow through you, from head to toe.

With each wave of energy, you can feel your body relaxing more and more.

Enjoy the feeling of Telos within and outwith and feel calm, relaxed and content.

Enjoy this feeling for as long as you would like and when you are ready to stir you can walk yourself back outside to the sunshine of the day.

End of visualisation.


When you come back to reality, consider how you feel and whether this energy is one that can enhance your life….

I hope you learn to love the Telos energy as much as I and that you meet a person as wonderful and energetically peaceful as the lovely Colisa Spykes on your journey.

Toni Savory

Want to learn more about Telos? Why not become a Telos Practitioner with this simple course! The lessons are in bite sized pieces and you can be a Telos healer within 5 simple lessons! And that is what I love about Telos, there is no pomp, no "I am a master" status - just simple healing (and powerful healing) that everyone can do!

The Telos Course will enable you to use different methods in healing, you will be able to heal with Telos energy on Day 1. You do not need follow up courses or levels of attunements - just a love for the energy and an intention to use often! We have Telos stones placed strategically around our property and use it as a go to means for healing.


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