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Schedule Released! + DISCOUNTS!

Do you have your ticket to the Divination PARTY of the year? Celebrating the diversity within the Divination Community! Get your Ticket here NOW:

The Speakers below are all donating their fees to OutRight International! Read their session info + show them some love on social media!

NOTE: Speaker's Listed in Schedule Order!


SATURDAY 29th July 2023

9am EST / 2pm London Kate Mura

Title: An Open Channel: How Actor Warm Ups Can Improve Your Reading

  • Kate Mura is a theatre artist and tarotist. She knows creating other worlds is possible because it has been her craft for over 30 years. Her quest in life & art to inspire & create a b.e.s.t. world. Beautiful. Equitable and Ethical. Sustainable. Timely.

Tarot illuminates how.

Kate's specialty is Group Tarot readings, looking at the group as a whole, seeing how the individual and group paths align. It's a quirky alternative to team building, and great for your next party. Learn more at

Enjoy the whole rabbit hole of her work and writing:

10am EST / 2pm London Garth Tardy

11am EST / 3pm London Mitchell Osborn

12noon EST / 5pm London Malkiel Rouven Dietrich

1pm EST / 6pm London Rana George

3pm EST / 8pm London Ethony

4pm EST / 9pm London Stella Boheme

5pm EST / 10pm London Joe Monteleone

6pm EST / 11pm London Lisa Papez

SUNDAY 30th July 2023

6am EST / 11am London Jane Matthews

Title: Master your Journey with the Runes

Jane Matthews grew up in Cumbria, United Kingdom and now lives in Northern Ireland with her partner Toni. Jane is a Director of the World Divination Association and Founder of the World Spiritual Association and teaches students around the world the art of divination using Runes, Tarot, Lenormand, Mediumship and Natural Magic. Jane is also a published author with RedFeather - Sigils a tool for manifesting and empowerment is released in May 2023

7am EST / 12noon London Toni Savory

8am EST / 1pm London Al Juarez

9am EST / 2pm London Liisa Korhonen

10am EST / 3pm London Maria Alviz Hernando

11am EST / 4pm London Alvia Crescens

12noon / 5pm London Andrea Aste

1pm EST / 6pm London Ben Tomlin

2pm EST / 7pm London Anthony Carter

3pm EST 7 8pm London Neil Kelso


Download the Schedules here:

Divination Pride LONDON
Download PDF • 1.65MB

Divination Pride NYC
Download PDF • 1.65MB


Finally, to celebrate this week of Divination PRIDE we are offering 50% OFF ALL OUR HOME STUDY COURSES! Simply apply coupon: PRIDE on your purchase!


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