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PICK A RUNE - Your Read for March

The start of a new month and time for our look ahead using the Runes in March. What does the month have in store for you? What can you expect in the month ahead? Trials and tribulations or an easy passage? Take time to choose the Rune you are drawn to and scroll on down to read your message.

Have you chosen yet? .... read on below for your month of March ...



This month there is a real need to be coming from a place of integrity, there could be situations arising this month where your actions will need to reflect your words. It is important to be keeping any promises you make this month as this will set the precedence for you going into April and also continuing on throughout spring. There could be some contracts coming towards some and for others contracts coming to completion. These could prove to be very successful regarding business and will provide you with a renewed enthusiasm and focus. Opportunities could be presenting themselves and you will need to really pay attention to all the details to assess which one is the correct one for you to be taking at this time. By acting in a manner that is fair to all including yourself during the month it will ensure that you can enhance not only your relationships with others but also build solid foundations for new ones to be created.



There is an element of the unknown for those who have been drawn to this rune for the reading. It is all about chances, what chances you have taken already and what chances you are willing to take. If you have any opportunities presenting themselves to you then you may well wish to dive in and be taking them at this time. If you are wanting to apply for promotion at work then it is an ideal time to be going for this and really allowing yourself to stand out and shine. Be wary of acting recklessly though as carelessness in your choices could result in the outcome impacting on you far more negatively than you anticipated. Follow your heart and trust your intuition on things as they present themselves to you, this will enable you to harness the true essence of perthro as you take your roll of the dice on any actions you are wanting to be taking.



This month may be very turbulent for those who have chosen this rune. There could be some tumultuous times coming towards you that you will really be needing to have inner strength and perseverance to get through. There could be conflicts within the workplace or even within your relationships in your life. You could be facing some stiff opposition regarding the decisions you make or are wanting to make or you yourself could be opposing the choices and decisions of others. Whatever it is that is bringing in the disruptive energies of hagalz, have a strong knowing that it will need to be faced head on and endured as it is not something that will be able to be avoided this month. Stand firm and brave whatever comes towards you with determination to get through it with the least amount of damage possible. There are going to be changes occurring and these cannot be avoided but the ways in which you deal with anything coming is really be of significance during March.


No matter which rune you picked, why not treat yourself to a read with the author of the blog and natural medium Jane Matthews - a 45 min reading can really make the difference in your situation.


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