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October - Pick a Sigil

This month brings about a lot of energies carrying over from September, retrogrades are in motion and rather than a card to choose this month there are sigils to choose from to aid in getting the most out of your month ahead.

The sigils used are my own which RedFeather will be releasing to preorder soon.

The sigils have been created asking for three in which collectively people would benefit most from this month. So sit back, relax and allow yourself to be drawn to one of the sigils and see how it can assist in transforming aspects of the month ahead for you.


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Sigil One

If you were drawn to the first sigil - This month you could be looking to make some positive changes and releasing things that may have been kept deep within for some time. These could be emotions, thoughts or behaviours. This sigil will aid anyone who is doing any kind of shadow work in their lives and who will welcome in control over those aspects and also from that not being triggered or reactive in situations which would normally cause this. It will bring long term changes so that habits are not easily slipped back into, bringing you another step closer to maintaining how you are wanting to be.

Sigil Two

If it was the second sigil that caught your eye then you are really bringing about a significant change in being more connected to your higher self through the month. This sigil will highlight areas which may not have been working too great of late and from that, actually shifting the energy into one that is more in alignment with your higher self and bringing from that better outcomes. This will be especially useful when applying it in work or study to bring solutions to issues that have not been working as hoped. Solutions may come in the unlikeliest of places so stay open and allow yourself to draw upon the insight from your higher self and get going again!

Sigil Three

Finally, for those who have chosen the third and final sigil - This month you will be looking at how to approach situations in the right way which will bring the best outcome for all. This sigil will get you onto the right track and aid in keeping you on course. It will draw in the energies of higher vibrations and will also bring changes in perspective for whatever is needed, be it with yourself or with others around you. This will be beneficial in bringing more harmony in relationships, seeing all sides to enable better communications with others and also bring an understanding of why certain outcomes have happened that you may not have seen clearly before.

You can really utilise the energy of the sigil by focusing on it and allowing the energies from it to really absorb and flow through you. All have been drawn with the intention that they work on all whoever is drawn to them for their highest good.

About Jane

Jane Matthews grew up in Cumbria, United Kingdom and now lives in Northern Ireland with her partner Toni. Jane is a Director of the World Divination Association and Founder of the World Spiritual Association and teaches students around the world the art of divination. She has a website here


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