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Nomadic Divination - What is it??

Definition of Nomadic: Moving from one place to another subsisting on hunting and gathering.

Definition of Divination: The discovery of things hidden in the past, the present, or the future by the interpretation of signs, symbols, and omens.

Beverly Frable will be talking on Nomadic Divination ™ at the Divination Pride conference next week and we wanted to know what we can expect!

Beverly "Nomadic Divination™: Gathering and comparing multiple forms of divination to arrive at messages that may have otherwise remained unknown. Your role? You need to come prepared with a combination of two to five decks that challenge you, enlighten you, are new to you, that you never used before! Mix it up, bring a couple different types: Tarot, Lenormand, oracle, even playing card decks! Hope to see you there!"

Well if you ever needed a "go buy a new deck" - here is your excuse!


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