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New Moon Magic - Scorpio with an Extra Sting

There is an old fable that says that once upon a time a Scorpion wanted to cross a river, unable to swim he asked a frog to help him by carrying him on his back. The frog initially refuses scared that he would be stung, but the Scorpion reassures the frog pointing out that if he did so then he would also drown. The frog considers this for some time and eventually agrees. However, barely halfway across the river the Scorpion stings the frog anyway and as the frog succumbs to the venom he asks the Scorpion why he had doomed them both to a watery grave, the Scorpion responds, "It was in my nature".

It's fair to say Scorpios are one of our most intense star signs. They are very all or nothing kind of people and they are not particularly well known for compromise. What they are very good at though is facing things head on even it hurts. As we enter new moon in Scorpio we find ourselves with an additional sting in the tail of this fixed water sign. A partial Solar eclipse. Like the death of the frog which ensured their certain doom eclipses tend to catapult you into a time of rapid and often uncomfortable change or transformation.

So this new moon you may want to consider deeply what it is in your nature that you are denying? You should also ask yourself if there is anything in your nature that you may consider to be destructive? Finally what can you embrace head on even if it hurts?

Cards Drawn - Six of Pentacles & 10 of Swords

Remember: if you aren't working with the cards drawn for you above and want to draw your own then, then the first card is drawn from the top of the deck and is your "head of the matter" card and the card drawn from the bottom is your "heart of the matter" card.

Oh my, Oh my, what a pair. My head card sees me giving generously, my heart card says I'll get stabbed in the back. I can see denial and destruction in both these cards as a watery little Pisces I often give freely only to be disappointed and left feeling betrayed to the core of my fishy little heart. Denying your nature however, never leads to happiness so perhaps it's time for me to refocus where I give my time and effort.

What about you? What do these cards say to you?

This months deck is my cut down Druidcraft tarot, for many years it was my primary reading deck and although I don't use it so much now, it is still often the deck I chose to take with me when I travel or go to conferences as the artwork is so stunning.

I haven't given you your usual journal prompts this month because the two questions above are really deep and should be more than enough to keep you going.

Bright Blessings


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