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New Moon Magic - In Virgo

Virgos are list makers, they can be meticulous and thorough in what ever they decide to take on. Naturally people watchers they can seem very aloof in groups of people, and this can lead to others feeling that they are judgemental. They have really strong moral compass and not being a sign that does things by halves they can come across as overly critical.

Avoiding Arguments

This months new moon is also squared with Mars in Gemini, pair this with what we know of Virgo's sometimes over fastidious nature and we have the potential for a fiery battle ground that cuts to the bone. Luckily whilst super organised, Virgo energy is also flexible, so they are capable of doing what it takes to temper that very particular nature. So our shadow work this month is very focussed on using the skills of Virgo to achieve grounded compromise to prevent conflict.

Ask yourself the questions below, journal them, meditate upon them. Virgo's like to be precise so you may want to look up exactly when the new moon enters Virgo in your time zone and work during that time - Saturday 27th of August 01:25 GMT+1 (if you are a night owl). For the rest of us mere mortals any time this weekend will do just fine.

The Cards Drawn - The Devil & The Two of Pentacles

Remember: if you aren't working with the cards drawn for you above and want to draw your own then, the first card drawn from the top of the deck is your "head" card and the card drawn from the bottom is your "heart" card.

For this month I am using the fabulously fleshy Morgan Greer tarot in a tin.

  1. What area of my life would benefit with some organisation?

  2. Are there friends who may consider you as aloof, how might this manifest in a conflicting manner?

  3. How might Virgo traits help me achieve peace and harmony?

  4. How might Virgo traits be limiting me?

  5. Is there anything I am obsessing over which is unhealthy?

So let's do an example using this months draw, I asked question 1. What area of my life would benefit from some organisation? The head of the matter is card 15 - The Devil. In my head I feel bound, trapped by things that I cannot control, this is causing resentment, but the heart of the matter represented in the 2 of Pentacles is that I am juggling several things at once, too many maybe, and none of them related to ship sailing away from me, which is probably where I really want to be.

My new moon in Virgo shadow work is almost definitely going be focussed around how I work with my many obligations more effectively. The accuracy of this is really spot on. This blog post was written 4 days ago but I didn't get round to uploading it and scheduling it to post today, but due to a family emergency I clean forgot. I also know that when I get stressed when things don't happen exactly on time and exactly as they should I get tetchy. Tetchy Tara can be argumentative Tara.

From here I will extrapolate this further. Because this IS New Moon Magic after all, and I will create a little space for these cards where I can see them daily, building my intent to work through this area. Depending on what I am working on I may even ritualise it with flowers and incense and other objects that I might associate with this area of my life. I know it puts my deck out of action for a while, but then its a great excuse to have more than one deck. Another great tip is to take a photo of your cards and make them the wallpaper on your computer, phone or tablet as an unconscious reminder. You'd be very surprised how well that works too!

Hope this inspires you, and best wishes for the month ahead.


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