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New Moon Magic - In Libra

This month is all about balance, the Autumn Equinox was yesterday at 02:03 GMT+1 on Friday the 23rd and on Sunday the 25th we enter the new moon in Libra. Ruled by Venus this might be a great time to look at the shadow side of the role we play within our relationships, both with ourselves, with others and how we interact with the world around us and the balance we can bring. Unlike the new moon in Cancer which is far more of a heart centered affair, the airy Libra approach is more analytical and intellectual. Sadly for us though we are bang slap in the middle of a mercury retrograde so it could be really easy to over think and judge things wrong or worse still swing wildly from one extreme to another but never actually reach an equilibrium.

As a sign Librans can be good natured, charming peace makers or they can be difficult, tactless and someone who monopolizes the conversation - because they are sure they are right, obviously!

So this month you may also want to consider how your head card may be adversely affecting your heart card - tricksy huh?!?

Cards Drawn - The High Priestess & The 5 of Cups

Remember: if you aren't working with the cards drawn for you above and want to draw your own then, then the first card is drawn from the top of the deck and is your "head of the matter" card and the card drawn from the bottom is your "heart of the matter" card.

For this month I am using The New Chapter tarot by Kathryn Briggs published by Liminal 11. I received this deck last year in a goody bag at a conference and it's fast become a firm favourite for both myself and my clients. When I look at the areas in my life that are currently unbalanced I can see where my High Priestess head is causing my 5 of cups heart. I'm not saying that I can be difficult and tactless, but heck I really can be. Disappointment will always follow if you force an issue rather than finding a solution that brings harmony and balance to all.

Ask yourself the questions below viewing them through a Libra lens, journal them, meditate upon them.

  1. What areas of my life seem unbalanced?

  2. How is this unbalance affecting me?

  3. Is there an issue I am over thinking?

  4. How might Libra traits be limiting me?

  5. Have I been tactless or stubborn in any way that has been detrimental?

I hope this gives you plenty to work with over the coming month.

Bright Blessings


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