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Mid Month Mini Mediumship Read! Pick a stone!

Are you ready for the rest of February? We have the New Moon in Aquarius energy hitting - let's see how we can harness the best of the rest of the month!

Take a moment to see which stone you are drawn to. Then scroll down to find your message for the rest of the month.

1: Tigers eye - If you have chosen the tigers eye then mid month you are likely to be feeling more of a connection to others within your life mid month. There could be the potential to be meeting people who are connected to you at a soul level and this is going to assist you in really opening your heart chakra and moving forward throughout the rest of the month and also the rest of the year. There could be for some new beginnings occurring, this could be in love but could also be a newness in current relationships also. There are going to be times throughout the rest of this month where you may have the tendency to mistrust others, even having mistrust of yourself and your intuition. This is due to the energies moving rapidly and communication around people occurring just as fast. It could leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what decisions to make and if you are in fact making the right decisions for yourself at this time. This could lead to self sabotaging behaviours. You really need to have an open heart and trust what it is you truly feel about any given situation, this is when you will make the wisest choices and it will prevent you overthinking and overanalysing. Lean to others whom you know you can trust for support and really embrace the connections that you are building at this time. There is going to be the potential for significant changes within your life which are going to be bringing more of a stability as well as more emotional fulfilment too. You need to ask yourself not only what is it you truly want, but also what is it you truly need?


2: Citrine - If you have been drawn to the citrine crystal then you may be feeling more of a sense of your own inner strength mid month. This strength when harnessed is really going to be pushing you forward to take action in many areas of your life. For some you could be hearing news from someone, this may well be in the form of an apology. You may not have been speaking to this person for a while and may not be expecting to be hearing from them. This is where you will need that inner strength to really choose wisely the ways in which you communicate with this person. Some may welcome it, others may not. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes down to it, the only thing you need to do is act with integrity, cycles are closing out from the past and with that a welcoming of what could be achieved and welcomed into your life in the future. Closure can be important to many, it is also important to remember that you never need that from others, you can find closure within yourself. For others it could be you apologising and making right some situations. Accountability and responsibility are two imperative things when it comes to self growth and that indeed shows true strength also. There is certainly movement for the rest of the month within your life and try to approach everything you face with an emotional maturity rather than reacting to others around you and entering into conflict. You may also need to release the ego if you find that you are unable to move forward from your past due to stubbornness and the need to be right. You may be finding towards the end of the month that you are wanting to embark on new opportunities career wise and when mercury goes direct again you could feel a renewed sense of drive to really be putting the plans or ideas you have been formulated into action. Look at doing things which you love to really boost the momentum of putting anything into action.


3: Blue apatite - If blue apatite was your choice then mid month you may be feeling abundance within many areas of your life and this is going to attract even more towards you. You could be feeling a stability that you have not experienced within yourself and your life for quite some time. Look out for things entering into your life mid month and indeed towards the end of the month that is really going to bring a whole new level of emotional fulfilment into your life. For many this could be within your career and new opportunities arising within that. For others you may well be choosing to take your life in a new direction altogether. Drawing upon the stability that you have at this present time will assist you in making the choices in which directions you are needing to take. Allow your intuition to guide you and really apply yourself to anything you that you want to commence. This in itself will reap benefits throughout the coming months. You will see the significance of this towards the end of March and running right through the month of April. What you set in motion now and put the work into is really going to draw more and more happiness to you. This is something then that will facilitate changes in ways you may not be realising at this time. If there is anything you are wanting to learn, mid month is a good time to be applying yourself to new studies. The energy that surrounds us at the moment is one which brings massive manifestation capabilities, harness this and really start creating the changes that you may be wanting to happen. The amount in which you can really stay focused and positive will be of benefit. Do not doubt yourself, your worth or your potential. You are capable of achieving anything and the only thing that can disrupt that is your own thoughts and worrying that it may not be possible, whatever work you put into things is going to be fruitful throughout the year.


If you would like a mediumship read make sure you book one with Jane today!


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