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Lenormand Summit - Meet the Speakers!

The Lenormand Summit: 24th & 25th June 2023

The Lenormand Summit is fast approaching - here is a little look into the amazing line up! If you haven't yet, buy your ticket here:

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Rana George

Session: Lenormand Secrets

Rana George is the author of the Best Seller and the highly acclaimed “The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling”, as well as the award winning Lenormand deck "Rana George Lenormand". A respected presence in the modern divination community, featured in Forbes magazine Rana leads regular workshops, study groups, lectures, as well as prolonged intensive courses at many acclaimed conferences across the world. For 40 years, Rana has been a psychic, counselor, mentor, teacher, medium, and is always a lifelong student.

More about Rana:


Caitlín Matthews

Session: SPEAKING THE ORACLE: How We Begin to Speak Lenormand Aloud

Caitlín Matthews is the author of over 80 books, including The Enchanted Lenormand and the Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook. Her forthcoming books include: Time Changer’s Tarot, Tarot Médiéval and a Vera Sibilla handbook with deck by Anastasia Kashian. In addition, Caitlín is a writer, singer and teacher whose ground-breaking work has introduced many to the riches of our western spiritual heritage. She is acknowledged as a world authority on Celtic Wisdom, the Western Mysteries and the ancestral traditions of Britain and Europe.

Find out more about Caitlín here:


Toni Savory

Session 1: Game of Hope Techniques

Session 2: Reconciling Lenormand Techniques

Toni (aka The Card Geek) is Founder of the World Divination Association, Author of Lustrous Lenormand & Siren's Song Lenormand & Kipper and has researched and studied the traditional systems of Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Cards in England, France and Germany. After spending 15 years living a stone's throw from Munich where the first Kipper Deck was released and not far from the roots of the Game of Hope in Nuremberg, Toni is now in the heart of Northern Ireland with her two boys and partner Jane Matthews. .

Find out more about Toni here:


Alexandre Musruck

Session: TBC

Alexandre Musruck know as “The Lenormand Extraordinaire” is internationally known for his extra accurate readings. He is a passionate of Oracle cards and had created numerous decks from Tarot to Angel oracle cards, and of course his many attractive Lenormand decks. Alexandre loves to teach people how to use oracle and connect with their intuition and you can find his many teaching videos and insights on his You Tube channel. Alexandre is the author of “ The Art of Lenormand Reading, decoding the powerful messages conveyed by the Lenormand oracle “, Find out more about Alexandre here:



Erika Robinson

Session: The Erika Spread: One Issue Deep-Dive

The Erika Spread - One Issue Deep Dive Erika Robinson is the author of The Language of the Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination Erika is an internationally recognized Lenormandist, who has been reading cards for well over a decade. She is currently creating her own deck which will be on Kickstarter later this year. Erika's spread utilises the power of any card to act as the Significator, allowing the Reader to address a specific issue in ways that are both broad and profound.

Find out more about Erika here:


Lisa Young-Sutton

Session 1: Method of Distance

Session 2: Grand Jeu Lenormand.

Lisa Young-Sutton is an author and perpetual student of life, particularly meditation, spirituality, and divination. Other than the Petit Lenormand, she studies ancient divination practices such as the I Ching, as well as the Akashic Records, channeling higher intelligence, and the power of the superconscious mind. Known for her fun and easy teaching style with a focus on self-empowerment, she’s the author of The Petit Lenormand Oracle: A Comprehensive Manual For The 21st Century Card Reader and The Petit Lenormand Traditional Grand Tableau: A New Look at the Method of Distance.

Find out more about Lisa here: .


Serge Pirotte

Session: Master Method / Lenormand Houses.

Serge Pirotte was born in Belgium, moving to Rhode Island, USA, in 1997. Living on two different continents, fluent in two languages Serge has been immersed in two different cultures which has shaped his approach to life and divination. Like many long time practitioners, Serge's style has changed over the years, French books shaped his early style that was later refined by many influences. It is Serge's belief that reading cards should be kept simple, common sense and folk traditions should prevail over all the esoteric baggage that has been added over the last 200 and some years. Divination has its roots in “divine”, which for me does not mean an external source or entity, but rather touching inside of us what is sacred, that place where we can find peace and just be. That place which allows us to freely see and decode objectively the messages provided by the cards. Find out more about Serge here:


V Von Schweetz (V Readus)

Session: TBC.

V. is the Tarot BFF and Cosmic Confidante behind RedLight Readings + Coaching! Delivering wisdom and insight through “straight-shot, no chaser” readings while coaching clients to lead, love, and live with authority, authenticity and AUDACITY is truly a purpose and passion she loves and gets to “play” in daily. As an internationally known Tarot Reader, Intuitive Counselor, and Divination Teacher, V., has taught various classes on Tarot and Lenormand to students around the world and reads professionally at the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, MI.

Find out more about V here:



Jozefa Seaqueen

Session: 15-card English spread (Golden Dawn).

Jozefa is seasoned in multiple divination systems such as cartomancy, astrology, palmistry and dream analysis and more. She is the author of the Ask my Cards tutorial blog and Admin/teacher in several Facebook study groups. She is also a passionate fiber artist.

Jozefa immigrated to Canada (from former Yugoslavia) at an early age. She grew up with tales of gypsies, ghosts and the dangers of the 'evil eye'. And like many 'sensitives' began to look for meanings and experiences beyond the veil of everyday life. Jozefa became aware that she was gifted with clairaudience and clairsentience (heightened sense of hearing and feeling) and a sixth sense (knowing things about people without knowing how she knew), which she inherited through her Eastern European bloodline. Jozefa is a teacher dedicated to passing on the lineage of soothsayer and diviner. She continues to teach and guide others with simplicity and humor.

Find out more about Jozefa here: http:/


James Himm Mitchell

Session: Playing card inserts

James Himm Mitchell is a Tarot consultant, oracle card reader, Dream Decoder, and intuitive life coach, he help clients seeking guidance and direction tap into their inner wisdom–so they can develop strategies to transform their personal and professional lives.

Most of James' clients are spiritual seekers, and he also works with aspiring coaches, creatives (writers and artists) and holistic and/or metaphysical practitioners and service providers–who dream of turning their spiritual passions into a business.

Find out more about James here:


Jane Matthews

Session: The Lenormand Shuffle

Jane Matthews is Director of the World Divination Association and Author of "Sigils: A Tool for Manifestation & Empowerment" and "Navigating the Runes with Vegvisir". She grew up in Cumbria, United Kingdom and now lives in Northern Ireland with her partner Toni. Jane and teaches students around the world the art of divination and magic. Her favourite systems are Runes, Ogham, Tarot, Lenormand & more!

Find out more about Jane here:



Tina Hardt

Session: Lenormand Lost and Found

Welcome to Tina's magickal world of divination. Tina is a Cartomancer, working with tarot, oracle and playing cards; a Charm Caster (predictive and therapeutic); a Spiritualist (what I was just always too shy to talk about but it's been long enough now), a Psychic Medium and Investigator of things that go bump in the night and a Creatrix (I’ve had the honour of co-creating “The Spirit of the Lake Oracle” with Roger Carlsen and “The True North Oracle”, “Relative Tarot”, and The Sirens Song Lenormand & Kipper.

Find out more about Tina here:


Maria Alviz Hernando

Session: Lenormand with Spanish Flair!

María is Director of the World Divination Association and a perpetual student of Tarot. Her curiosity for divination promptly developed into a hobby that would then evolve into her full-time occupation as a reader, teacher, and international speaker. Her signature style, known as Tableau, is a blend of traditional Tarot and European cartomantic techniques, resulting in a system that strives to make Tarot effective, useful, and to the point. Tarot is her default medium of divination, however, she is proficient in other divinatory systems: Lenormand, Oracle Belline, or Pendulum Dowsing to name a few. Aside from her interest in divination, she is deeply into history and antiques, especially antique jewelry, discovering the world, literature, and cats. She lives in Madrid, with her husband and their four kittens.

Find out more about Maria here:


Tasha Lee

Session: Triple Lenormand

Tasha Lee - Divine Calling - Proud to be WDA’s All Round Diviner 2021 Tasha is an award winning International Psychic and Medium. From a young age Tasha was aware of spirit and had psychic awareness. She has taught herself and sought mentorship in the arts of Mediumship, Numerology, Cartomancy, Tarot, Lenormand, Angel and Oracle cards, as well as other forms of divination and energy healing (She is a Usui & Angelic Reiki Master). She is additionally a Tibetan Bon Astrologer. Her aim is to help people by providing divine guidance and clarity.

Find out more about Tasha here:


Nefer Khepri

Session: Lenormand As An Intuitive Tool

Nefer Khepri is a professional card reader, spellcaster and visionary artist and Creator of the Egyptian Lenormand. Nefer lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, daughter, dog & cat. She first began creating art as soon as she could hold a crayon, at the age of 2. Art has always been Nefer's first love, but she took a 12-year hiatus from art in order to pursue her studies for her doctoral degree.

Raised by very open-minded parents, Dr. Khepri was introduced to spiritual topics at a very early age. It was typical to discuss ghostly visitors, angels, UFOs, & fairies around the dinner table as she grew up. Find out more about Nefer here:


Karen Jakubowski

Session: House Party!

Karen is Executive & Chief Mentor with the World Divination Association. An intuitive card reader and the creator of the Twin Flame & Soulmate Oracle©. Karen reads multiple systems including Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper Cards, Gypsy Cards, Charm Casting and Skat (German playing cards) with over 45 years experience.

Karen believes that divination is a fabulous tool that helps to bring insight and guidance to clients by looking at the energy surrounding them at present and provides information regarding the potential of their situation.

Find out more about Karen here:


AJ Grugan

Session: Tips & Sneaky Little Tricks

AJ has been playing Petit Lenormand for more than 30 years. He is a non-professional ‘kitchen table’ reader who provides no-nonsense situational and predictive readings for family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. A secondary school teacher actively involved in community theatre, AJ believes that there are two places where magic really does happen: the classroom and the stage. AJ lives in regional New South Wales, Australia. He can often be found rambling through forgotten and unloved rural cemeteries, cooking (and eating) Indian food, or slumped in a comfortable chair at the library, researching dark history.

Find out more about AJ here:


Emily Rose

Session: Lenormand on Purpose!

Emily Rose teaches Tarot readers and the mystically minded to read Lenormand like they’re talking to a friend. She has been reading Lenormand since she was 12 years old and never gets tired of the tingles down your spine feeling from a spot-on reading. She currently reads and teaches divination throughout the Northwest and online via her website,

Find out more about Emily here:


Anthony Carter

Session: TBC

Anthony Carter @carterscartomancy lives in Indianapolis and is the Social Media Manager for the World Divination Association. Anthony loves the Lenormand system and has been practicing for a number of years and is sharing this love with people around the world in the hopes that they too can gain the invaluable insight that Lenormand affords. Anthony’s love of Divination crosses all systems and he is available for readings through Instagram and Facebook.

Find out more about Anthony here:



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