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Holiday Magic - New Moon in Capricorn

Happy Holidays!

This months blog is a little late because nobody wants to do deep work right in the middle of the holiday season, but by now hopefully you're rested and ready to start thinking about the year head.

Our new moon in Capricorn this month was the last of 2022. It followed hot on the heels of the winter solstice which was on the 21st/22nd (depending on how and where you celebrate it) adding an extra boost to that rebirth energy. Capricorns are serious folks, hard workers and planners who appreciate measurable practical achievements.

Now I am not one for New Years resolutions, it's become a thing so over stated that we often set ourselves up for failure before we even start, but now couldn't be a more perfect time to set ourselves some smart goals. So this month is going to be a little bit different and use a different spread.

Spend sometime thinking about one thing you want to achieve in the coming 12 months (although you can redo this exercise as many times as you like for different goals). It really doesn't have to be big. But what it does have to be is SMART.





*Time bound

So what do I mean by that? Well if your goal is to 'get fitter' don't say I want to get fitter, it's too vague. Say instead I want to do 20 air squats a day (or other exercise you are capable of) before breakfast. It's a very specific goal. Its something you can measure. It's totally achievable if you are realistic, there is no point saying you will run 5K each morning if you can barely get off the sofa. Finally a year is a very long time, give yourself a deadline. This is why Stoptober, Dryanuary and Veganuary work for people. It's a short burst with a set date not a 'sometime in the future' date.

We can use divination to help us with these goals as well. Shuffle your pack and draw 5 cards. Each card relates to one of the letters in the word SMART and will give you guidance in your goal setting.

S - 2 of Cups

M - 10 of Swords

A - 6 of Discs

R - 5 of Discs

T - 4 of Discs

If I were to use the cards above then I would suggest that for me, my goal should be one that I will love, therefore I need to make it enjoyable, however, it mustn't be one that I literally burn myself out on, but is big enough that I see that fundamental death of all that has been worrying me. I am going to have to take a close look at what is important to me and guard the time I set closely and as the final 'timebound' card is a 4 it seems fitting to give myself 4 weeks to achieve it. Whew! that couldn't have been more spot on if it tried. These cards are salty. What about yours?

This months deck is the rather unusual Outgrow Yourself oracle by Swedish artist Linda Spaman, an intriguing mix of oracle and Thoth.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your festive break and see you in the New Year.


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