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Divine Inspiration - Navigating Runes with the Vegvisir Compass

By Jane Matthews 2021

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The inspiration to write a book on the Vegvisir compass came after channelling messages from my guide Odin. He provided clear instructions on how to use the compass as a method for divination alongside the runes. It is a method I have not heard of, nor seen before and after practising the method daily for myself and providing insights for others using this tool, I decided to offer a series of workshops, sharing this insight and knowledge that I had been gifted by Odin. I wanted to share so that others could also benefit from this direct and predictive technique. Interest was stirred once students began reading with the Vegvisir as a tool and posting in groups online, it was clear a book was needed to share the knowledge to a wider audience, so that everyone could learn this technique for themselves and really gain more from any rune reading going forward.

When using Vegvisir the reader is able to see auspiciously what will occur whilst identifying and understanding the inauspicious aspects which are driving these events to take place. It provides insight into events and situations that will occur whilst also explaining “why” the situation will occur. This is something particularly unique about reading runes together with the Vegvisir compass.

Whilst writing the book I found that I had one significant aspect with which I did struggle with. Due to my brain injury, I find that sometimes how I explain things in writing can make complete sense to me, but others would find it confusing. Because of this, I had a massive helping hand in sorting my thought processes into words by my partner Toni. She turned that which made sense to me into a book that makes sense to everyone! I even used my original notes when channelling to show exactly what I was meaning and why. I am usually very private regarding the messages I channel and don’t share with anyone, but it was imperative that the information I was writing was not only correct, but relatable and easily understood. I could not have completed it without her.

Excerpt from: Navigating Runes with the Vegvisir Compass: How to use the Vegvisir Compass as a Divination Tool with Runes

Many people have seen the Vegvisir compass and know of its Icelandic origins. The compass, known also as the Viking compass, has little written about it other than one sentence that is in the Huld manuscript. It states “if this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known”.
The circular compass that we see today is mentioned in a grimoire named the Galdrabok and has the same translation of Vegvisir although it is used more within runic magic and refers to the compass also being used for protection and spiritual guidance.

Image by Doortje Dorian

The book is a “how to” manual on exactly the steps a reader needs to take to walk through readings with ease. All rune meanings are included together with a step-by-step approach to Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly reads with the Vegvisir compass. 85 pages of Runes and Vegvisir information that will help beginners through to advanced. In addition, the World Divination Association has opened up a reading group especially for this method - join me today and start reading with the Vegvisir compass:

If you don’t have a Vegvisir of your own, but want to start reading, you can download and print an image to start with! If you want to splash out and treat yourself to an amazing resin version, then Doortje Dorien has just the set for you, find her creations here:

Jane Matthews grew up in Cumbria, United Kingdom and now lives in Northern Ireland with her partner Toni. Jane is a Director of the World Divination Association and Founder of the World Spiritual Association and teaches students around the world the art of divination using Runes, Tarot, Lenormand and of course the Vegvisir Compass. Jane channelled the system in 2020, it has been taught in workshops and now comes to you in the form of this book. The techniques Jane explains are wholly channelled through her guide Odin, to whom she gives thanks.


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