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Discover TAROT with World Divination Association in October!

A new month is about to begin and it’s coming packed full of surprises! Our Tarot group is about to undergo some renovations by the hand of WDA Tarot teachers Rebecca Birrell and María Alviz Hernando.

What do we have in store for you, you ask?

Practical exercises for all levels

Now beginner, intermediate and advanced readers have something to look forward to! There’s nothing better than practice to hone those readings skills of yours, and we want everyone to be comfortable as they grow as readers; However, sometimes those who have more experience to extend and challenge their knowledge to add to an established practice, and newcomers might find more complex exercises intimidating, which may hold them back from engaging.

Our goal is to help you grow in your journey as a reader wherever you’re at, and we want TAROT with World Divination Association to be the group where growth happens!

Monthly Topic

You can never learn all that there is to know about Tarot! It is fascinating how you can add up layers upon layers to your interpretation to make it richer, and what’s not to like about stretching your knowledge?

We are bringing monthly topics to our group, where we will discuss and work thoroughly with different areas of Tarot for a whole month, having the opportunity to answer questions, solve doubts, practice and learn together.


Bring the discussion on! We would love to see you interact with each other and engage with the group by introducing interesting subjects, new deck releases, reading techniques, spreads, pro tips, advice and all things Tarot!

October: Salute the Pages

Court Cards are a challenge for many readers because “WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!” am I right? We are determined to clear the confusion and walk you through the court in a month-by-month trip through each one of the titles. This month, we will work with the four Pages!

Join us and learn all about the Pages in the Tarot Court, so that you can understand these cards in different contexts, scenarios, and know more about what they are bringing to the table.

Your teachers

Rebecca Birrell - WDA Tarot Teacher, Visual Communications & Marketing Manager. Founder and Creator of My Inner Witch.

Rebecca is a card reader of several systems, artist and designer. She has a passion for ongoing study of mysticism, kabbalah, astrology, the occult and the esoteric, and how we can use tarot as a map to actively manifest change in our lives.

She has been a solitary witch for many years, diving deeper into her practise of tarot including cartomancy, astrology, magick, numerology, kabbalah and correspondences around five years ago. Rebecca is also founder and creator of My Inner Witch, a gallery for contemporary mystical and tarot inspired wearable art and readings. She uses the principles of magick to embody the energy of the tarot within wearable art and intentional talismanic jewellery as a source of personal empowerment and magickal transformation.

Her course Tarot Magick is a practical course in the art of creating change in alignment with our will and intention by incorporating the tarot as a tool by using its correspondences to kabbalah, astrology and alchemy for day to day magickal workings.

Rebecca also specialises in fine art, graphic design, branding and visual identity. She is Marketing Manager for WDA and brands the events and social media accounts, she also created and designed the Commemorative Deck for the WDA Lenormand Summit in July 2020.

Maria Alviz Hernando - WDA Tarot Teacher, Admin and Blog Coordinator. Founder of The Sibyl’s Tarot.

Maria picked up a deck of Tarot cards well over a decade ago and she hasn't stopped ever since. This die-hard Taurus loves to look for the practical aspect of everything and divination is no less! She's a reader, teacher, witch, writer, translator and your friendly crazy cat lady with a true passion for making divination accessible, practical and useful. Spanish born and raised, she lives in Madrid with her husband and her many cats, along with a large and growing deck collection.

She founded The Sibyl's Tarot in 2016 where she has been reading for querents all over the world. After her participation in Tarot Summer School 2019, she joined the World Divination Association as a Tarot teacher where she has been offering her courses Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot, Tarot, Death & Grief and Tarot Tableau Techniques. You can catch her live quite often in the Members Group, where she shares her experience in diverse Tarot matters.


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