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For this month's pick a card reading the stunning Bonefire Tarot has been used, created by Gabi Angus-West and published by Red Feather

Are you wanting to find out what this month may have in store for you then choose your card below and let's dive in!





For those who have chosen card one this month is going to be one where you are assessing what you are putting your energy into. You could be experiencing times within the month where you are no longer interested in projects or situations that previously you have been giving lots of your time and energy to. There will be a period where you will be looking at what you can introduce into your life which will bring with it more success. Do not be too hard on yourself or others this month if you do experience disinterest in anything. Think of it as regathering your energy so that you can apply it fully into things in a more beneficial way to all when the time is right. If anyone approaches bringing any kinds of conflict to you within the month, your lack of engagement and disinterest will be very apparent and this is going to really generate a lot of heat which could be quite destructive if you do not communicate in a manner which shows empathy for others as well as yourself.


Card two is a bittersweet month for some. Everything is down to communicating and actually negotiating with others to move situations forward within your life. Discussions could well be had regarding pain that has been caused by your actions or the actions of others and closure will come from this. There will also be, for a select few conversations that will be had which will cause some heartbreak in some way.

Relationships or jobs could end as you look to be going in a different direction to one which you are currently in. How you react and how you handle yourself during any uneasy conversations will certainly be imperative and especially if you are looking to reduce not only the pain you may feel but also the pain for others too.


Finally for the ones who have chosen card three. This month for you is all about bringing things into balance within your life. You may well be looking for legal contracts to be signed and completed and also for fairness to be brought towards you. There is going to be a need for patience as things may not be completing or moving forward in the timeframe which you are wanting and this will lead to frustration if you cannot control your emotions with regards to this. For a select few you may well be hearing news that a contract or completion of this is not going ahead and you could well be feeling like your hands are tied as you are now experiencing a standstill. For those whom this applies to, try not to think of the situation being stuck and not going to happen. Instead look at it as a way to really look at everything within the situation which will allow you to then see different perspectives and possible alternate solutions from this. Act with integrity and if there is any situation happening around you that you may need to bring some fairness to, then seek to do this and then allow things to organically come to completion.

If you would like a more indepth look at your month ahead, personalised for you then book a private reading


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