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An Ogham monthly reading - Pick a Few

This September the WDA is inviting you to choose an Ogham few to gain insight into your month ahead. Ogham is a language, a divination system and is an excellent tool for understanding yourself, the universe and everything within that. Ogham level one is now available on teachable with levels two and three coming up in September and October.

Sit back, close your eyes, relax and take a few relaxing deep breaths. Open your eyes and allow them to be drawn to an Ogham few.


Few one

The first few is Straife, this month you may be feeling limited by circumstances which are beyond your control and external to you. You will feel that your choices are limited during the month as you could be facing conflicts of interests - what you want as opposed to what others are wanting from you. This could lead to you not following your intuition. Try to really be aware this month of what is limiting you and be open to seeing where you are being controlled either knowingly, or unknowingly. This will then give back the element of choice to you so that you can continue as is or not. Your power this month is in knowing that you do have choices and options even if you are feeling that everything is out of your control. It may even be yourself looking to get others to do what you are wanting (consciously or not) - either way this month is about realising that choices are always available and you are only controlled as much as what you allow yourself to be. Recognising where these limitations are is the key.


Few two

The second choice is Ruis. This month you will find that there are changes occurring around you. These are ones that you could have been waiting for, or feeling were going to happen for some time. These changes are not ones which will be brought about by yourself and the will of creating them, but rather ones which are outside of you but will still influence and shape the course of things to come for you. With the realisation of change comes a choice, to embrace and be open to the potential of newness and new ways OR to be fearful and try to hold on to the old ways rather than embracing the new. Change brings discomfort with it for all, but for those having any transitions happening this month then try to see the opportunities it will bring rather than trying to fight against something that many will consider to be fated.


Few three

The final Ogham few in this month's pick a reading is Saille. This month you are really being called to listen to your intuition and really integrate it alongside the rational side of self. There will be some situations during the month that you may need to look at in more detail as there will be things that you may find have gone unnoticed or have not factored into account. By recognising these elements you will then be able to really reshape things in a way which will allow a better outcome for you. Pay attention to your dreams, allow yourself to really gain a greater understanding of all that is around you. Your intuition is going to play an important role for you during the month ahead - just make sure that you are balancing the logical with the intuitive side of self and not getting too carried away with your imagination or your rationalisation of what is happening.


Jane Matthews grew up in Cumbria, United Kingdom and now lives in Northern Ireland with her partner Toni. Jane is a Director of the World Divination Association and Founder of the World Spiritual Association and teaches students around the world the art of divination using Runes, Tarot, Lenormand, the Vegvisir Compass and the Ogham. For private readings to gain more insight into your month or any situation, please visit:


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