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31st July - Learn the Basics for Free!

Deciding to learn a new skill can be daunting. It's really easy to persuade yourself that it will be too hard, too time consuming, too expensive. When we want to we can always make a million excuses to persuade ourselves not to make that leap. At the World Divination Association (WDA) we aim to make divination in all its forms accessible for everyone.

3 Barriers to learning

  1. One of the biggest barriers for some people is not knowing where to turn to for reliable information and guidance. It's so easy to flounder when you don't have a support network, so finding a tribe you can trust, and mentors with real life experience can be a game changer. The WDA prides itself on its active thriving community. There is nothing better to help you grow in confidence than learning with people who share your interests and actively encourage you.

  2. Another barrier can be time. Lengthy courses which need you to sit down to tutorials at set times are hard to fit into a busy lifestyle. Online Conferences and tutorials are great for that. These events can remove a lot of the anxiety that comes with attending an event in person when you don't know anyone else so what better than an event where you can learn the basics in an hour in the comfort of your own home?

  3. Finally cost, dipping into a new form of divination can be very exciting, but taking a leap of faith on a course when you're not sure if something is for you can be difficult to justify. We live in uncertain times and people need to watch their wallets. Luckily there are a wealth of great resources which can be accessed if you know where to look. By regularly hosting Free talks, live reading sessions and conferences the WDA bridges that gap and gives you access to valuable taster sessions.

On July 31st the WDA is proud to host its FREE SUMMER CARTOMANCY CONFERENCE.

The conference is a full weekend dedicated to learning Lenormand, Kipper, Runes, Tarot, Tarot de Marseille, Bones, Gypsy Cards and more! Suitable for all levels of reader, whether beginner or refresher - all are welcome to join and ask experienced readers questions on their method of choice.

How to attend

Does this sound like fun? (Too right it does) then click on this LINK and register. It's a ram packed weekend of information and community.

Spread the word

If you can't attend then you can always help us by spreading the word and letting others know that this is happening! Share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media and find us as World Divination Association and @worlddivination.


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