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Grand Jeu Lenormand tells it like it is...

One of my female clients wanted to know what the future perspective was for her relationship.

My motto is always: “don’t let the cards decide how you should live your life but don’t ignore what they are telling you either”. This might be a dual statement, but that’s really how I see it.

I think a reading should always be evaluated in terms of usefulness of the information. A prediction or analysis, whether it is good or bad in your eyes, should always be weighed against the probability of what the cards are showing you. This allows you to claim control over your own life while also making use of what the cards have to offer you.

When looking at the answer that the cards are showing us, it is clear that the relationship will never be what you want it to be. The focus card 8♠, as well as “the small sujet de gauche” on the Lady ♦ , are reflecting unhealthy feelings of anger and resentment. The flowers on 8♠ give us a message of disaster for the strong as well as for the weak. Should you be able to win a battle today, you will lose double over time …

The “small sujet de droite” on 4♣ indicates that there is flirting. Whether the latter is already happening or not I can not say. Has this already played a role in the past and does it cause feelings of revenge? That is something only the lady can answer for herself. It could be a warning for the future along with the other information, which inevitably leads us to the conclusion that it is not a positive outlook.

Not exactly an uplifting reading but nevertheless important information for the querent to consider and assess in terms of probability.


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