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Petit Etteilla: Relationship Outlook

A lady wants to know if she will start a new relationship in the near future.

Since we read the Petit Etteilla from right to left, I can immediately tell her that the answer is yes. In the last spot, to the far left, sits the King of (reversed) , which as you can see on top of the card, represents "Un Homme" (a man). Nevertheless, the 9 of diamonds falling right in front of him points to a delay ("Retard"). The trio of club cards, 9 of clubs + 8 of clubs (reversed) + 7 of clubs (reversed) indicates that the effect of shyness will create a distance.

Conclusion: Yes, there is still a relationship in store for you, but keep in mind that this might take a long time. Either you or your future partner will keep things at bay due to shyness or embarrassment.


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