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The original #buddyreads

WDA #buddyreads

Thursday is our favourite day of the week at the World Divination Association ... yes it means we are nearing the weekend, it also means the start of our #buddyreads.

Whether you are practising Lenormand, Kipper, Gypsy, Petit Etteilla, Tarot, Classic Cartomancy or a Divination System, we have a group and a #buddyread for you!

What are buddy reads? You are signed up to read for a buddy - easy peasy lemon squeezy! You get to put your readings to the test with a week‘s prediction for your buddy in your chosen system. At the end of the week you both revisit the reads and give feedback on what actually happened.

We have been completing buddy reads for the last three years in this format and guess what .... it works and it‘s a great opportunity to learn your systems in depth with a friend in the same position!

So ..... before Thursday comes around ... join our groups and get ready for the buddy reads post!

Petit Etteilla WDA

Gypsy Cards WDA

Lenormand WDA

Kipper Card WDA

Tarot WDA

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