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Astro Kipper Horoscopes - March 18

Do you like to know you zodiac sign's forecast for the upcoming month? I personally am not an astro peep, but, this is also a great way of learning placements with your Kipper Cards so, whether you wish to hear your Astro forecast, or you want to improve your Kipper knowledge - these videos are for you!

Don't forget to comment on them what your sign is so I can think of you as I lay in April!


LET'S GO....!



Aries - The spiritual zone of your chart will be highly activated this month

Taurus - Career prospects will be bright, reach out and form new alliances

Gemini - a dynamic month with a spectacular pace of progress

Cancer - Collaboration and adaptability will be needed to accomplish your goals

Leo - Love is centre stage and will be highly satisfying and blissful

Virgo - Social life will be on priority and to your liking

Libra - Comfort at work will be an important theme - make sure your working conditions are safe and sanitary

Scorpio - If you are single and looking for love you might have a mysterious and promising encounter

Sagittarius - Don’t forget how far you have come when chasing the ghosts of your past

Capricorn - Things are happening at great speeds and you might be overwhelmed at the progress you are making

Aquarius - You can look forward to an increase in income (possibly from different sources) - or at least you will start to feel wealthier

Pisces - Mercury will boost your self-assurance and magnetism, adding an ethereal air to your relationships.

Founder, World Divination Association

The astrological outlook for your zodiac sign in March is here – watch the video to find out how you best handle the month going forward! Advice from the Kipper Cards:



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