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Kipper from Scratch - Part 3

Auspicious Placement

Since I started teaching Kipper globally it is amazing how the words"auspicious" and "inauspicious" have really been taken on and used as standard vocabulary in the Kipper field, the same applies to our MCs and other terms referring to our Kipper Deck techniques that hadn't been used in the English reading world before. I smile often when I see posts using these terms and know that my mission to get Kipper out into the wider English speaking world is working! Its like the spores of a dandelion spreading out and offering the chance of more yellow beauty for our bee friends to enjoy. There are now more Kipper readers enjoying the traditional techniques based here in Bavaria.

If you have been following my "How to read Kipper from scratch" series you will be happy to know Part 3 is now available.

Make sure you share your reads with me and comment /subscribe / like to motivate me for the next instalment!

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